How to Live Eco-Friendly Without Spending Too Much

Throughout the years, we have been experiencing environmental changes such as climate change and global warming. Natural disasters have been occurring, and we can see that we are affected by those. 

We also know that life is just a cycle among living organisms. We all have the responsibility to take care of the environment at all costs. With the drastic changes which can either adversely or positively affect our lives, we should act upon these. 

Here are some ways to save money while at the same time protecting our ecosystem.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Suppose you want to keep your house clean as well as help the environment. In that case, you should use non-synthetic products instead of detergents, preservatives, and foaming agents with harmful chemicals that can damage human health and the planet’s diversity.

Recycle and Use Eco-Friendly Water Bottles/Containers

Water is a basic need in life to survive. We would see people lining up in milkshake stands or probably buying waters. However, it seems that we tend to throw our garbage anywhere when we are done drinking. Try to be more empathetic with the environment by bringing or recycling your water bottles and containers. 

Decrease Water Usage

The next thing is to keep track of your water usage. Turn off your water when you are brushing your teeth, time your showers, and reuse water. Another example is that when you are cooking rice, it would be best to store the water used to wash the rice and water the plants. Do not also throw water when you cannot drink it anymore. Store it in a refrigerator instead.

Grown Your Own Food  

It may seem traditional but growing your own food is a way to take care of the environment. You do not need to use your car and ride towards the market. There is no need to have your food delivered by motorists to your front door. This lessens air pollution and reduces the harmful chemicals which block and pollute waterways. 

Use Natural Home Pesticides 

Having the thought that there are no chemicals involved when using natural home pesticides is not entirely true. Farmers and gardeners have been using natural home pesticides to maintain their crops and plants. Organic pesticides have minimal chemicals that are just appropriate for your soil, lessen pollution, and are very kind to the environment.

Compost your Garbages

Ponder on how much garbage you make and dispose of every day. Garbages may not be helpful as it seems, but you can compost them and turn them into fertilizer for your outdoor and indoor plants. This is a very much convenient and environmentally kind way, especially if you have a green thumb. 

Learn to Recycle Wastes 

Another way to lessen liters is to recycle them and maybe sell them. You can go to junk shops and recycle centers and bring them used water bottles and cans. Or, you can engage yourself in an environmental project to reuse the garbage in the most helpful way possible. Like, water bottles, you can put soil in it and let a plant grow in it. 

You might also want to get a recycling bin and have biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes separated. This would reduce trash that mostly ends up in landfills.

Invest in Kitchen Towels

Isn’t it tempting to get another one when you have consumed the last role of your paper towels? We may have been used to it, but it may be environmentally kind if we could use kitchen towels instead to lessen the trash and save money. Kitchen towels are easy to wash and don’t require cutting trees to make one and filter CO2 in the atmosphere. 

Unplug Things That Are Not in Use

Many appliances, commonly known as “vampire appliances,” consume electricity even when they are switched off. TV’s, DVD players, computers and modems are the culprits. Better invest in a “power strip” and turn it off when it is not used. In this way, electricity would not be sucking up too fast, leaving your bill and environment safe and costly. 

Fix Things When It Breaks 

The easy way to save money and the environment is to fix things when we can still use them. This is close to recycling. Say, if the washing machine has burned out, do not just replace it. You might as well want to hire a fixer for it or fix it yourself. It is a great way to add years to appliance lifetime and reduce wastes.  

Bottom Line

A healthy environment is key to healthy living. The more you neglect the environment, the more it would come back to you in the worst way possible. It can affect you and your loved ones’ over-all health. 

If we want our children to experience Earth’s beauty and greatness, we should take care of it when we can. Do not let the next generation have the thought that it is okay to litter around. Let’s be responsible always.  

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