How Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Your Business

It’s no secret that handling customer inquiries and answering their questions day after day can become incredibly taxing, especially for a small business owner. You want to spend your time focusing on developing new products or improving your existing services, but you also want your customers to get the answers they need quickly so they stay happy with your company. Many small businesses don’t realize that they can harness the power of artificial intelligence by investing in a toll free number for business, but this technology is now available at very reasonable prices.

Learn more about how artificial intelligence can help your business below!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Some people think about complicated robots or a dystopian future when they hear the term “artificial intelligence”, but artificial intelligence simply alludes to the use of algorithms and machine learning to perform tasks that have typically been done by humans in the past. AI can look at an unimaginable amount of data in seconds and make decisions based on that data in a way humans could never begin to attempt.

So far, artificial intelligence is being used in the medical field to diagnose diseases, improve search engine results, or recognize handwriting for data entry. Some programmers have even used artificial intelligence to create chess-playing robots!

For small businesses, using artificial intelligence often means paying a subscription service to have customer service bots answer common questions. This may seem like a silly investment, especially for those just getting started, but AI can bring major benefits to businesses of all sizes when it comes to customer service.

1. Your Customers Will Get Quick Replies to FAQs

Many business owners and employees will get the same, or similar, questions on a frequent basis. You can have an FAQ page on your website that answers these inquiries, but many customers may instead seek out a customer support chatbox.

When this happens, your customers can ask away, and an artificial intelligence bot can supply a high-quality answer that you have already provided. This is especially helpful when you get tons of calls and texts about your operation’s hours or where you are located.

2. AI Can Keep Track of Data to Help You Improve Your Business

Although it may seem like AI only handles auto-replies, it can simultaneously collect plenty of data about your customers’ communication habits, like call history and tracking, allowing you to understand more about who your customers are and how you can better suit their needs.

Plus, some AI services can provide helpful advice based on the data it collects, potentially giving you money- or time-saving strategies that can improve your workflow and business overall.

3. You Can Customize the Messages Sent Through AI

AI can help to provide the right message for a given question, but you can choose how a question is answered to give it a more personal touch. If your business is known for being witty or fun, you can play around with your pre-determined responses to give them your own special touch.

From there, AI will deliver your messages when you get an inquiry. Your voice will shine through, but you won’t have to be the one to type out the answers every time.

4. AI Can Allow You to Focus on More Important Tasks

Because AI can eliminate the need for you, or any of your staff, to take time out of your day to answer the same questions over and over again, it frees up your schedule to focus on doing what you do best: running your business.

AI can give you more uninterrupted time to think critically about the problems you need to solve within your business, and it can even allow you to spend less time working in general, allowing you to catch up on much-needed rest and time with family.

In Conclusion

It may feel scary to enlist the help of artificial intelligence in your small business thanks to how AI is often portrayed in the media. AI, however, can provide incredible customer service and free up your time and mental space at a highly affordable rate.

If you find yourself struggling to keep up with all of the tasks you have on your to-do list, it might be time to give AI a try.

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