How to Care for and Protect Your Valuables and Personal Property

Statistics indicate that the number of burglaries in the U.S. dropped from 1.4 million to 1.2 million in 2018 representing a 12% decrease from the previous year. Unfortunately, the same data indicates the value of stolen goods was not falling as much. As thieves become smarter, it is important for individuals to take critical measures to care for and protect their belongings. From getting insurance to securing valuables in safe places, staying several steps ahead of unscrupulous bandits not only keeps your property out of harm’s way, but also protects your investments.

Make An Inventory
It’s often difficult to keep track of all the things that you own, especially small valuables that you don’t see everyday. For example, you might not wear your engagement ring all the time because you want to keep it in its pristine state. Besides, your hands come in contact with different substances that can potentially harm your jewelry. Hence, you might tuck it away to be worn on special occasions. Unfortunately, you might not notice instantly that it is missing. One way to ensure that your valuables are immediately accounted for should there be a break-in at your home is to make a detailed inventory of the items and their value. But whether you’ve been married or engaged for a short or long while, one thing to consider is engagement ring insurance. It’s a form of jewelry insurance that serves to protect your valuable piece of jewelry against things like theft, damage or even loss, depending on the policy you choose.
Keeping Valuables Well-Maintained and Safe
While hiding your valuables might make sense to keep it away from the hands of robbers, it also defeats the purpose of owning beautiful and prized items. Instead of tucking them out of sight, put them in storage shelves for protection. For example, jewelry should be kept in jewelry boxes where they are protected from dust and at the same time, easy for you to retrieve. Small art items can be put in cabinets with glass that allows you to admire them while shielding them from grime and dust particles. If you have the means, you can also install alarm systems on display cabinets in addition to a home security alarm. Sensors will trigger the alarm alerting you if a display cabinet is opened. You can also invest in a safe where you can keep extremely valuable items including cash.
The dilemma of hiding valuables or displaying them so that they can be admired is real. Happily, it is possible to keep your prized possessions safe and in a good condition by investing in secure display cabinets or boxes, purchasing adequate insurance, and making/updating an inventory.

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