Speeding Up a Slow Mac Without Problems

If you are reading this article, it means you have problems with a slow Mac. Nothing can be more unpleasant than getting a super-fast and full of useful features device that gets slower over time. But do not panic, there is still a chance to recover the computer’s performance. All you need to do is just assist a little. Of course, your Mac device is smart enough, but it still needs your help when it’s going about speed. 

If you have noticed that your computer is working slower than it was in the very beginning, there are some simple but very effective solutions to recover its speed without wasting a lot of time. You shouldn’t even have any special knowledge or experience in computers to speed up the device. Follow our tips and make your Mac faster again!

  1. Shut the computer down. Just try to turn the device off, and then turn it on again. This is not a joke, we are talking seriously – sometimes, your computer can get slower due to many launched apps that eat up its memory. So, maybe shutting down is just the one thing you need to do to recover Mac’s speed. Try it and see what will happen!
  2. Remove unnecessary apps from the Startup Items menu. All the programs in this menu launch every time your device starts. Needless to say, if you have too many apps there, the Mac will work slower because too many programs use its CPU at the same time. Remove those items you don’t need to be launched, and it will help to speed up the device easily. 
  3. Remove old backups. It’s a great practice to create backups of your operating system, but over time, your device keeps too many files with this data. BAckup files are heavy and they take a lot of space on the computer. Delete old backups regularly to free up some space, and it will help your device work faster.
  4. Update your OS regularly. When your Mac informs you about any new updates, do not ignore this. Usually, updates contain some important data on fixing any problems, so they can help your device work much faster. Always install new updates as soon as you can, and it will keep your computer on its highest level of performance.
  5. Move big files to the external drive. If you have too many heavy documents on the Mac, it may work slower due to its drive being clogged with files. We suggest buying an external drive to save all the important data there. It’s recommended to leave about 15% of the computer’s space free for its optimal work. Follow this rule to keep your Mac in great condition.
  6. Uninstall all the unnecessary apps. Check out how many unused programs you have on your computer. These apps eat up its memory and slow it down. To avoid this, just delete all the unused software properly, and we guarantee that your device will work much faster.
  7. Download a reliable antivirus. Sometimes, the Mac can slow down due to computer viruses. To detect this problem, you should get reliable software from a trustworthy source. Scan your Mac for viruses and remove any of them using a special application.

Keeping your computer at its highest level of performance isn’t difficult at all. Find more tips on how to speed up your Mac without wasting a lot of time! 

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