How has the workplace changed? 

There has been a significant impact on businesses over the past year and a half and many companies have learned to adapt to a new way of working, this has shaped the workplace and allowed brands and employees to be more flexible and understand their needs better.

Hybrid and remote working

Remote working was a challenge for many employers and employees, but it now looks like many have embraced it. Other options include hybrid working which is a mix of working from home and working in the office, or coming back to the office completely. Many employees have gotten used to this new way of working and have found a solution that works best for them and the companies that they work for. 

Employee wellbeing

Companies are finding ways to support their employee’s wellbeing. With working from home for so long, many struggled to have a work and home life balance. This has presented a challenge and has become a learning curve for many workers across the world. Some reported that they are spending more hours online or don’t take enough breaks. Finding a balance can be a challenge, which is why so many companies are focused on delivering solutions that help employees maintain their health and wellbeing. One example of this is having fixed work hours and not expecting staff to work longer than regular office hours. This allows employees to clearly structure their day and avoid burnout. 

Software and technology used for communication

Using technology for communication on a regular basis is something that many businesses have incorporated into their daily tasks. This includes meetings and even virtual events for businesses. By using a virtual event platform it is possible to organise events which are fully remote or which only some people attend in person while others are remote attendees. Using smart tools like Skype and Teams to communicate and keeps the workforce connected can be a good idea.

Redefining the workplace

Redefining the physical workplace, creating new stations for hot desking and workplaces for in-house staff is making it easier to work efficiently and remain productive, even if many of us are still adjusting to the new situation. Many businesses are now using the workplace for physical gatherings and socialising, which can be a nice break, especially for those who aren’t in the office on a regular basis. 

Enjoying working from home

Many people seem to enjoy working from home. In 2020, a survey by Buffer & AngelList, in which more than 3,500 workers participated, found that 98% of participants would prefer to work remotely, either for a certain period of time or even until retirement. When asked if they would recommend this way of working to others, 97% agreed and said that they would. Only 2% answered ‘no’ to the question, which shows how much employees can benefit from not having to commute to the office. 

Business structures and the way we work has changed quite a lot since the beginning of the pandemic and many can’t imagine going back to the way it used to be. Others enjoy working in the office, at least on some days of the week. Overall, the pandemic has led to more flexible work structures and has increased the need to manage a healthy work-life balance. 


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