How technology is changing lives

It is incredible to note how science and technology have made the lives of people easier. At the same time, innovative technology is also introducing modern society to the dangers of climate change and global warming. This article takes a hard look at the impact of technology on society. 

More “me time”

Gone are the days when people used to stand in queues for buying tickets to films and shows. Today, all that entertainment has come to your computer and mobile device. With just one swipe on the screen, you can watch the latest Netflix shows or try your luck on Things don’t stop here, either. Continue reading. 

Players can even participate in some of the hottest e-sports, such as the e-NBA. In fact, you can be the latest superstar on the NBA circuit! Here’s how to take part in the e-NBA

But what happens when you want to watch a Netflix show, but it is blocked? Enter VPN. 

This technology lets you watch some shows and films that are blocked for specific markets. 

How does VPN work? Here is a great explanation of VPN. Kaspersky is a leading name in the communication space. 

Content creation

There are so many tools available for content creation. The top ones are YouTube, Amazon Kindle, TikTok, Spotify, Audible, etc. Each provides a unique opportunity to create something special and make your mark on the online world. 

  • YouTube 

You can create persuasive content on YouTube and share it with the whole wide world. Produce content on anything under the sun – recipes, academics, gardening, relationships, technology, etc. Indeed, there is no limit to content creation on YouTube. 

So what are the best practices of creating YouTube videos? Read this wonderful article from TechSmith

  • TikTok

This content creation tool has taken the creator economy by storm. TikTok targets the young generation and has a shorter format. It doesn’t allow videos longer than 15 seconds. 

However, you can use TikTok to promote your music video, books, etc. Music producers can refer to this article while reaching out to their audiences. 

  • Spotify and Audible

These platforms are great for podcasters. 

Podcasting is the art and science of broadcasting your audio content. This is a very new technology but has taken the creative community by storm. Though small, podcasting is making waves. In fact, Amazon’s audiobooks business is based on podcasting. 

To be a successful podcaster, you need a few things. These are:

  1. A unique idea. 
  2. A substantial target audience.
  3. Good microphone
  4. A robust podcasting platform.
  5. A soundproof recording room. 

If you are unable to manage the last item, consider podcasting late in the night.

However, content creation isn’t enough. You need to produce quality content consistently. 


Thanks to the Covid-19pandemic, more doctors and patients are taking to telemedicine. In this process, patients consult their doctors via a computer or mobile phone. 

This technology is helping the medical community in various ways. For example, you side-step the Covid-19 risk and also save time. 

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