Moving To The Midwest? 6 Reasons Why Missouri Is Rising In Popularity

Many people are swapping California for the Midwest. In particular, Missouri. It is home to the tallest national monument, St. Louis Gateway Arch and Harry S. Truman’s Library.

Missouri has stunning scenery and thriving cities – all of which are perfect for active adults. For those looking at swapping California for Missouri, here is a selection of reasons why the Midwestern state is rising in popularity.


Housing Costs Are Low

The U.S. state has low housing costs. The average home value in Missouri is 30% less than the national average. It makes it one of the cheapest places in the USA to buy a house.

If you want to move to the state, speak with a local expert about home buying in Missouri. They can help with finding a property and offer the best deal. You can use Missouri lenders to help you finance your new home.


Cost Of Living Is Low

Expenses for groceries, health care, utilities, and transportation are all lower than national averages. It further establishes Missouri as a low cost of living state. The average cost of living in Missouri places it in the top ten lowest of all states in the USA.


Good Transportation Links

For non-drivers, the public transport links available make it easy to travel around Missouri. The best transport links are in the more densely populated cities like St. Louis and Kansas City.

Missouri is a centrally located state. If you looked at travelling outside the state, it is within easy travel distance to popular destinations, including Nashville and Chicago.


Growing Number Of Job Opportunities

Missouri boasts a productive economy, with numerous job opportunities available throughout the state. It is clear to see as the unemployment rate is lower than the national average. 

It has been below the national average every month since February 2020.

The state is home to large corporations and well-known employers. Both of which have job opportunities available for those living in the state.

Careers in specific industries, like healthcare, have some of the highest paying opportunities in the state.


Changing Seasons

Missouri has a humid continental climate. The weather is affected by the warm air from the Gulf of Mexico and the cold Arctic breeze. The state experiences extreme weather. If you move, expect to experience hot summers and cold winters.


Quality Educational Facilities

For growing families, Missouri has plenty of quality educational institutions for students of all ages. The school rankings for each school in the state is available online. Parents can read the information and reviews to help them decide which school in the area their children attend.

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