7 Extra Income Ideas that Would Help You Improve Your Finances

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, there has been a shift in how people work and make money. In the US only, many Americans lost their jobs while many were threatened. Also, many entrepreneurs had to shut down their businesses. 

A low supply of food, followed by rising inflation, confirms the economic downturn. All these are enough to soak up one’s finances and render one hard-up. But it’s not all bad. 

If at all there is anything good about COVID-inspired trends, it would be digitalization. E-learning, e-banking, online money-making, ability to compare life insurance premiums — all these pervade the current period. That means you can always make extra income to improve your finances.

More Online Resources, More Money-making Ideas

More online resources and outlets ensure extra income every day. The 21st century is all about having access to accurate information. 

More people are leaving their jobs to start up their companies or trade their skills online. The reason for this is not far-fetched: they want to improve their finances. 

If you’re also among the ‘Great Resignation‘ workers looking for ways to better your status, here are 7 extra income ideas to help you improve your finances during this period.

  • Launch An Online Product

It’s a perfect option if you are a product owner. Since quarantine has forced people to stay inside, more people are exploring the online world. Online businesses are gaining ground, and more people are looking to buy things while sitting on their couches. 

  • Online Trading

Are you interested in buying shares? Now is the right time to begin and make extra bucks. You can join websites with ready-made investment options. Learn the ropes and start making money from investment returns.

  • Delivery/Logistics

Leveraging the power of Amazon, you can begin a part-time logistics job. Currently, there are over 100 million Amazon Prime members around the world. Join Amazon Logistics or any other e-shopping logistics and make more money.

  • Freelance Opportunities

Many websites offer remote jobs, from Fiverr to Freelancer. Gigs can be about content writing, product designing, website coding, and affiliate marketing. Capitalize on these vast freelance gigs, find the right ones for you, and earn your money.

  • Get Paid For Surveys

You can get paid for your opinions by taking surveys. These surveys are used to better the user’s experience, and they do pay for your time. The more consuming the survey, the more the returns.

  • Get Paid For Photos 

AI companies are rolling out payments to users who fulfill their photo demands, guidelines, and specifications. These photos are used to improve the AI experience. All you need is your smartphone.

  • Become An Online Tutor

The prevalence of e-learning has shown new ways to make money. Due to a COVID-inspired shift in education, many people are going online to learn. You can become an online tutor, sell your knowledge and experience. Or you can create courses, sell them to online tutors.

Final Take

The pandemic inspired several trends. One of these is the flexibility of digitalization. While it was not so simple to combine jobs in the past, it is easy today to incorporate financial opportunities and forge multiple sources of income. 


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