Cryptocurrency – what can you really use it for?


For the last few years, cryptocurrency has gained much popularity across the world and although some people still associate it with some illegal activities, it’s actually less scary than you might think. Bitcoins, and cryptocurrency in general, can be used to buy various goods and services online and in this article, we will try to bring closer the most popular and interesting, sometimes even surprising ones.

Cryptocurrency – a few words

Let’s start with explaining, or reminding, what cryptocurrency is. It’s a digital currency that has no official status, which means that it’s not regulated and controlled by any bank or financial institution. This means that when using cryptocurrency, you ensure anonymous payments online. It’s the main advantage of digital currencies like Bitcoin, and yes, it is used for not entirely legal practices, too, but it’s also a good solution for businesses and private people. If you want to have cryptocurrency explained in more detail, you can find information online that will answer all your questions. 

Use your Bitcoins – what can you buy?

The possibilities to use Bitcoins are vast and don’t think that this cryptocurrency, like any other, is generally useless. Not without reason, this digital currency gathers investors and users all around the world, despite its lack of stability. What can you buy with the use of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies?

Technology and e-commerce

The biggest group of products and services that you can purchase with cryptocurrency is technology. E-commerce, in general, is a broad category where Bitcoins thrive. As long as a company accepts payments in cryptocurrency, you don’t have to hesitate to spend your digital coins. It’s important to note that Bitcoins can be used only in online stores. Not every company accepts cryptocurrency, so if you want to pay with this digital coin, you need to search, sometimes far and wide.

In the online world, much more popular than goods are services that the users can purchase with the use of cryptocurrency. One of the best examples is online bitcoin casinos. A great number of safe and secure platforms allow their users to play with digital money. By betting Bitcoins, a player ensures full anonymity, which is critical in some countries. The winnings are equally profitable as in real casinos, and everything takes place in a secure environment. The same applies to any other service online for which you pay with cryptocurrency. Anonymity is, after all, the greatest advantage of digital coins. There is nothing surprising about the fact that cryptocurrency has stepped into the various branches of e-commerce.


Some businesses operating in automotive sales allow their customers to pay with the use of cryptocurrency. Not all, not everywhere, but it’s still possible in some places. This category encompasses luxurious brands and those less expensive. For some time even Tesla, with its electric cars, was in favor of Bitcoins.

Expensive jewelry

Bitcoins and cryptocurrency, in general, can be now used to purchase goods from a variety of categories – from cars to jewelry. One thing, however, links all these products – luxury and expensive price tags. Using Bitcoins, you can buy jewelry or expensive watches. Some of the top producers offer cryptocurrency payments in their online stores, where people can find watches of Rolex or Patek Philippe. 

Media and News

Bitcoin payments are now available even in the world of media and news. Few news sites allow their users to pay with cryptocurrency for subscriptions and access to articles. Media are becoming more and more influenced by digital coins, and it’s possible that, in the future, this type of payment will be a standard option.


Cryptocurrency enables traveling, too. Some travel agents, even among the biggest ones, allow people to pay with Bitcoins for hotel rooms, flights and other attractions. It’s worth knowing that in some cases it’s possible to convert cryptocurrency into other currencies used in different parts of the world, which makes traveling way easier.

The future of cryptocurrency

The above branches and categories are just a few examples of the spheres where cryptocurrency thrives. As you can see, none of them is entangled in illegal activities, which makes Bitcoin and other digital coins less scary and suspicious. However, it is not easy to predict what will be the future of cryptocurrency, as it has as many opponents as it has supporters. The anonymity of payments is both an advantage and a downside of this solution, depending on which side you are on. The illegal use of Bitcoins cannot be denied, which makes the future of cryptocurrency even less clear. However, it doesn’t change the fact that digital coins has already significantly changed the market and won’t cease to be in the nearest future. Is it possible that in a few years we will be paying with digital money in grocery stores? Who knows, but that would require stabilizing the currency and control of official financial institutions, which means the lack of anonymity. This anonymity is the soul of cryptocurrency, so would digital money be the same after it becomes controlled? The time will tell.     

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