5 Ways To Be Financially Savvy During Covid 

In these difficult times, we are living with both a pandemic and economic instability. Thus, it is important to be thrifty and savvy about how you invest your hard-earned money. One should always be prepared for economic emergencies and expenditures that can come out of the blue. Additionally, you should think about saving or putting your money to good use to accrue true benefits for a stable future. So, let’s get started! 

Make a Food Calendar

Planning a food diary and budgeting your food expenses can do wonders for your bank account. However, there are various factors to consider. For example, is it cheaper to dine out or in? How many people live in your house? What kinds of foods do they like? In most cases, it is cheaper to buy groceries and make a food calendar, knowing the cost of every meal, thereby having more control over what you are spending on food. Food is a cost that usually creeps up on you without you realizing it until the credit card bill arrives.

Check Your Subscriptions


You can save money in many small ways, too. For example, which streaming platforms are you using during your leisure time, and how much are you paying for those subscriptions? There are always better and cheaper options, as well as ways to find a subscription that offers the same content for a much better value. So, be sure to evaluate your subscriptions and see which ones you can lose or replace. 

Budget For Medical Bills

Another expense you should always be prepared and saving for is medical bills. You can never predict or know what is going to happen in the future. Medical issues can happen at any time. For example, you may have bunions that need to be removed. Rather than spending a fortune on traditional surgery, you could simply reach out to the experts at Northwest Surgery Center for affordable and fast treatment. Additionally, you should always make sure to get regular checkups with your physician, especially when it comes to dental care. It’s better to prevent future issues than pay a huge surprise bill for a cavity or similar issue.

Consider a Plan B Job or Side Gig

These days, we live in a world that has become more technologically remote. So, evaluate your options on how to make some extra cash remotely. There are plenty of sites that pay you to take surveys or work as a secret shopper. You can also use your extra time driving people around or delivering their food and groceries. Either way, it is a great idea to have a side gig that will make some extra cash to save up.

Start a Small Investment Portfolio

It is never too late to start investing your hard-earned cash. There are many free apps that offer you a starting point, as well as great ideas for how to manage your money with investment services. Robinhood is a good example. It charges 0% fees for trading stocks. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing your wealth grow at absolutely no cost! It does not need to be a huge amount, either. You can start improving your financial future with just a few dollars!

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