5 Subscriptions You Need to Cancel Right Now



We’ve all accidentally wasted money before. It’s quite a common problem in America. Between advertisements covering every Internet page, credit card conveniences, and the power to order anything to your door at the push of a button, it’s no wonder that so much of the average American’s income goes towards subscriptions to different services. Considering how quickly subscription costs can build up, this blog post will outline some subscriptions you should monitor closely or cancel right away.

Microsoft Office Software

Microsoft has recently opted for a subscription-based model instead of their conventional “pay once and use it for life” sales model. Instead of paying for a monthly subscription to Microsoft 365, utilize Google’s free alternatives to Microsoft software. Google Docs can replace Word, Google Slides replaces Powerpoint, and Google Sheets replaces Excel. With a free Google email and an internet connection, you can trash your old Microsoft software right now.

Multiple Food Delivery Apps

If you signed up for a free trial of Grubhub Premium, you are probably still paying for it. Ubereats +, Dashpash, and other food delivery upgrades offer perks like free delivery, but can easily be forgotten about when you don’t order often. Limit your food delivery to one app if you want to get a premium subscription to avoid fees.

The Adobe Suite

If you are paying $600 a year to open Photoshop or Lightroom a few times a year, then it’s time to cancel. Similar to Microsoft, Adobe has adopted an “all-or-nothing” approach to its software. If you aren’t opening these apps at least three times a week, consider the many free alternatives out there. GIMP and Krita serve as excellent Photoshop stand-ins, and Sejda can replace Adobe Acrobat, all for free.

Old Website Domains

With close to 900,000 domains being registered every week, there are tons of abandoned URLs still being paid for. If you had a website a long time ago, or used an interactive website for a portfolio in college, make sure you aren’t still paying for the domain name. Domain prices can rise or fall with the years, so ensure you aren’t throwing away money on some inactive site from 2010.

Streaming Services

This one may be the hardest, but it is time to kick your family off of those streaming services you never use. If you don’t use it regularly, then you shouldn’t be paying for it. Though your friends and family may mope about it, your wallet and budget log will thank you.

Before you look at your monthly budget and beat yourself up for unnecessary purchases, look into all of the current subscriptions you are paying for. Anything you haven’t used in the past 3 months, purge it. Don’t keep giving companies money when you don’t frequently utilize their services!

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