7 Rare Investments You Need To Consider

Everyone knows about stocks, bonds, and real estate. These are the most common assets people invest in. And while each one of them has its advantages, there are numerous other financial instruments and objects you might want to consider adding to portfolio.

For example, the majority of investors buy gold as the most popular commodity. However, did you know there are some cheap deals on silver coins that can provide much higher returns? 

If you wish to secure your future, and want to avoid the old boring things such as stocks, here are 7 rare investments you need to consider adding to portfolio. 

  • Comic Books

Most people don’t think about comic books when we talk about investments. Nevertheless, we cannot neglect the fact that some of these booklets are sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. You have even more extreme examples, such as the first Superman comic book, which sold for $1.5 million back in 2010. 

Comic books were always popular among collectors, but they have become globally appreciated in the last few decades. DC Comics and Marvel led the comic book renaissance creating movies and series featuring these lovable, supernatural characters. 

  • Art Pieces

Art investments are a bit tricky. Purchasing these objects needs good recognition and timely decisions. Evaluating art pieces is much easier for people with a degree, but most of us can get a basic understanding of what might become popular in the future.

Like similar objects, these pieces become more valuable with the passage of time. The death of an author is an especially important turning point as this signifies that all previous works have become limited resources. Still, you need to find objects that will become valuable in the next few years. Otherwise, they cannot be regarded as a real investment.

  • Dolls 

Since ancient times, people have been enamored with dolls. They served as important objects for magical and religious rituals. It took thousands of years for these items to become toys. 

For whatever reason, dolls are highly collectible pieces. They might be popular because they take us back to childhood and, as such, have enormous emotional value for certain people. Products such as G.I. Joe and Barbie are good examples. However, we can go further back in the past and talk about dolls, such as old porcelain pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries. 

  • Unique Books

Like most other items on the list, books and manuscripts can be very valuable. This is especially noticeable in the last few decades when movie companies started relying on these publications for inspiration. Nowadays, a lot of popular shows are based on books. The best examples are “Game of Thrones,” “Harry Potter,” and “Lord of the Rings.”

If you are in possession of a book that belongs to the first edition, you can earn an enormous amount of money. Let’s take “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” as an example. Books from its first edition were sold for almost $19,000. 

  • Sports Cards 

Sports cards have always been popular since their first inception. Whether we’re talking about trading cards or stickers, some of these pieces are extremely popular among collectors. Just imagine if you had Michael Jordan’s rookie card? 

Some of these pieces can be sold for millions of dollars. What’s even better, their prices have risen in the last few years. The tradition of collecting sports cards is no longer common in the US but is present in other countries as well. As some of these sports become globally popular, their value will likely continue to rise.

  • Old Cars 

Men love their cars. These bad boys have always been popular as something that reminds us of freedom and the open road. So, it isn’t shocking that people would gravitate towards classic cars as something that is classy yet hard to obtain. 

Investing in old cars is not that hard. The most popular ones are the classic, fast cars that have marked an era. Cadillacs, Pontiacs, and Ferraris are all good purchases. Like with other items on the list, the scarcer the vehicle, the better the price you can obtain for it. The potential return is even higher if a vehicle is slightly damaged, and you have the option to restore it to its previous state. 

  • Antique Military Items 

Similar to cars, military items are extremely popular among men. Whether we’re talking about old uniforms, badges, swords, or guns, almost every army item has a market. Of course, the pieces that are several centuries old can provide amazing returns on investment. 

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