How to Enjoy a Trip to Universal Studios on a Budget

Summer is officially here, and there’s no better way to enjoy the fun of the sun than by taking a trip to Universal Studios! The park is great for solo thrill-seekers as well as families and friends, with tons of rides, games, and other attractions to keep everyone entertained.

But taking a trip to Universal Studios can get expensive, even for those that have reputable careers at places like ThriveMD or law firms. Luckily, there are still several ways you can enjoy all the fun of the park while on a budget.


Split Your Meals


You’ll likely need to stop and recharge your batteries at some point during the day—all those roller coasters can be tiring. But when a soda costs ten dollars, buying a meal for the whole family can get pretty expensive. So when your stomach starts to growl, what are you to do? 


An easy way to cut the cost of food is to share your meals. You’ll quickly find that when you order at a restaurant, you’ll get much more food than you need. Combine this with the fact that you can’t exactly get a to-go box if you aren’t leaving the park, and splitting a meal with someone else in your party seems like the best move for saving money. 


There are also plenty of refillable items that you can buy when you first enter the park to get the most bang for your buck throughout the day.


Take Advantage of Deals


You shouldn’t ever need to pay full price for tickets or hotels when going to Universal Studios because of all the bundle offers they promote. Visitors that plan to stay three days might stumble across offers for a free day added on, while those that choose to stay in the Universal hotels will earn fantastic discounts and amenities that make it an easy choice while you’re there.


With all the deals they have to offer, you’ll reduce your spending significantly.


Create Limits


It’s easy to get the spending bug when there are so many enticing shops around every corner of the park, but these purchases can catch up to you in a heartbeat if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s a good rule of thumb to create a spending limit for yourself. This will allow you to visit stores and shops without feeling guilty about dipping into your money but prevent you from overspending at the same time. 


So go ahead, get yourself a collectible wand from Ollivander’s or a replica of Captain America’s shield—we won’t judge you.


Fun on a Budget


Even with a tight budget set in place, there are still ways to travel to Universal Studios this summer if your heart is set on it. By sharing meals, booking great deals, and limiting your park spending, you’ll be in and out of Universal with money left in your pocket.


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