Internet Tips for Your Small Business

Nowadays, running a successful business involves much more than running a brick-and-mortarĀ shop. Some of the most successful businesses today use the power of the internet to promote their services, make online sales, and reach out to potential customers. The internet and social media are powerful tools that can help your business make more money, help you expand and grow, and ensure the longevity of your business! Below are some of the best tips to use for your small business.

1. Have a Dedicated Customer Service Team Online

If you have an online website, one of the best ways to satisfy your customers is to have a chat feature on your website. This chat feature allows your customers to talk to your customer service agent directly, without having to pick up the phone. A customer service team member online can also effectively turn leads into sales. If a customer stumbles on your website, a chat feature can help provide them with more information and possibly sell them services right then and there!

2. Invest in Cybersecurity

Running an online website comes with risks, especially if you accept online credit cards for transactions. In addition, internet crime can also involve hackers using the internet to communicate falsely on your behalf. Not only can these fraudulent schemes be damaging to customers, but they can also ruin your reputation.

Invest in cybersecurity to conduct sweeps online, prevent fraud, and keep your online transactions secure from hackers. If there is any sign of fraud, such as a fake website or social media page, inform your customers of this as well.

3. Respond to Online Reviews in a Positive Manner

Did you know that around 87% of people read reviews for local businesses in 2020? That’s an almost 81% increase since 2019! Reviews are crucial to help customers gain trust in your services, view the experiences of other customers, and ultimately decide to use your business or go with a competitor.

It’s important to look at your reviews and respond to any customer reviews that are negative. Do not talk negatively to your customers. Instead, offer an explanation, compensation, or another type of initiative to get on their good side. This helps other customers trust that you have their best interest in mind and will provide them with compensation if your services are not what they expect.

4. Use Social Media for Promotion

Social media has the power to influence purchasing decisions as well! Around 40% of people said they rely on social media when spending money and making their choice for a business. How can you use social media for your business? Think about the type of business you have, and explore relevant businesses on social media. For instance, if you run a hair salon, are there other hair salons in your area that have a social media page? What do they post on their page?

Exploring other social media pages can help you get started on ideas and can also help you find what the competition is doing and if you can do it better! Use social media to promote your business, reach out to potential customers, or even for customer service. Many customers might want an easier way to connect online, and will use the direct messaging feature on Instagram to do so. Refrain from posting negative comments and posts.

Using the internet can help make you money and turn leads into sales! All it takes is a dedicated website or social media page to boost your sales, reach out to customers, and solidify your business in the eCommerce space!

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