How to Budget for a Dream Vacation

We could all use a vacation. The question isn’t a matter of if we want to, the question is how can we if we are on a fixed income? We have some tips to help you get that dream vacation you’ve been wanting!

Set a Goal


First and foremost, you need to know what you are working with. Plan your vacation accordingly. Figure out what your intentions are and what you are wanting to get from your vacation. Do you want the beach or mountains or both? Do you want somewhere driving distance or where you have to fly? Do you want it to be a solo vacation or will you be splitting the cost with someone else? All of these are important questions to consider when planning and budgeting for a vacation.


Once you have answered those questions, you can set some clear goals for your dream vacation. As far as cost goes, the mode of transportation can have a big impact on where you can afford to go and how much you need to save. If you are travelling out of country, you can easily spend more than a grand just on airfare alone.


Vacation Fund


Once you have figured out your vacation budget, it’s time to start saving up! In order to stay on track with getting to your vacation destination when you want, it is best to create a vacation fund. You should ensure that the money that goes into your vacation fund are strictly for your trip only. 


It might be easier to set a certain amount you put into your fund each week. For example, $10 every Friday goes into your vacation fund. You would be surprised with how quickly that adds up!


Choose Wisely


Budgeting for a vacation can be easier than you think. There are small choices you can make everyday that help you to save money – money that you can put into your vacation fund. If you visit your local coffee shop everyday for a $8.00 latte, maybe limit your trips to 2 or 3 times a week. If you find yourself driving everywhere, perhaps you can consider walking or cycling if it is doable. 


A huge expense is going out. There are plenty of more cost-effective ways to have date night or entertainment. You could have a fancy night in with a homecooked meal and candles lit. There are a lot of parks who offer movies in the park on the weekends – most of which are completely free which is a good alternative to going to the movies which can be pricey!

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After following the tips above, you’ll be off on your dream vacation in no time at all!

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