3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Camping Trip

Camping is one of the best ways to spend time with loved ones while enjoying the great outdoors, but many campers find themselves surprised at just how expensive a proper camping trip can be! Between permits, food, necessary supplies, and gear for hunting or other activities from a company like Outdoor Solutions, the cost of a camping trip can quickly add up. While there is no way to avoid certain expenses such as a high-quality tent or necessary safety gear, there are a few ways that campers can save money and make camping a relatively cheap experience. Keep reading to learn 3 money-saving tips that have been approved by expert campers. 

  1. Find a Cheap Campground 

Not all campgrounds are created equally! While most grounds charge a fee for campers or vehicles left overnight, some are far more expensive than others. This is often due to amenities offered at certain campgrounds or the location of a campsite itself – for example, a campground with a beachfront location might be over double the price of a competitor located a couple of miles away. Other sites might charge more money for premium spots with indoor bathrooms or showers, compared to cheaper options that do not provide these amenities. When choosing a campground for your next trip, consider what amenities you are willing to miss out on, and weigh whether or not having a prime location or scenic view is worth spending the extra cash on.


  1. Buy Used Gear 

Having high-quality equipment such as a proper tent and functional safety gear is important on any trip; unfortunately for many campers, the cost of such equipment can add up quickly. While this gear is a worthwhile investment, campers can save a considerable amount of money upfront by purchasing this equipment second hand. Look at local secondhand sporting goods stores or on sites like Facebook Marketplace to find campers willing to get rid of used gear for a fraction of the cost of buying it new. 


  1. Enjoy Free Activities

Some of the most enjoyable camping activities are also often the most expensive. While many campsites offer kayak, boat, AV, and more rentals for campers to enjoy during a day on the grounds, renting this equipment can be pricey. Opting for free activities such as a hike on a local trail or a day exploring a nearby town can be just as enjoyable for campers at little or no cost. 

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