4 Things to Consider After Graduating College

The van from Black Tie Moving is at your doorstep, and you’re ready to move out of your college dwelling. Now what? This is an incredibly pivotal and exciting moment in your life.


Here are 4 things to consider after graduating college!


Do You Want a Break?


There are two types of people in this world: one who wants to get the ball rolling and the other who likes to take it easy before jumping to the next thing. Which one are you?


You don’t want to advance to a career right after college if you feel you aren’t quite ready yet. After all, you have spent the last 2 to 4 years of your life studying and working hard. It’s completely justified and normal if you want a bit of time to yourself after your achievement!


If you want to take a break, it’s important to set a time limit to it. You certainly don’t want that break to turn into a 3-year hiatus. This is a surefire way to lose any ambition. Yet, if you wanted to take the summer off before you start actively looking for work – that could be the perfect amount of time to get you ready for the next phase of your life.


Where to Live


Perhaps you lived on campus, at home, or with roommates. Now that college is done, you probably don’t want to live there for much longer. (Of course, on campus is off the cards now.)


You want to spend a decent amount of time deciding where you want to put some roots down – if you want to put them down at all. If you aren’t sure about it yet, don’t rush to buy a house. In this case, it’s important to look at rental options or perhaps rooming with a friend from college until you’re more sure of where you want to live more permanently. 


Choosing a Career


You got your diploma! Now what to do with it? It’s probably something you’ve already considered while you were still in school, but now that question becomes even more important.


It’s vital to not rush into a career without some prior planning and thinking. Jumping into the first job you see may lead to resentment and frustration. You certainly don’t want that as your first experience in the “real world.”


Talking with family members or people who have a similar degree can help you choose where to work. Try and seek out as much advice as you can, so you know what to look for when it comes to solidifying your new career!


Continuing Education


Have you considered going for a higher degree? If so, now is the time to do it. You don’t want to take too much time in between graduation and work if you’re seriously considering another degree.


Similar to our first point, give yourself a little bit of a break to see what steps you want to take next after graduation. If you feel you want to continue it, decide if it’s financially reasonable and start looking at some classes!


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