Paying for a Life Coach: Is it a Scam?

Life coaches are a somewhat new profession, and they are incredibly versatile. Your coach could work at Black Tie Moving and perform coaching on the side. However, this doesn’t mean they are any less credible.


Let’s get into it!


Do Your Research


In the dawn of social media, it seems that everyone claims to be a life coach. This is why it’s important to do your research first, before deciding on a life coach for you.


There are plenty of programs available for people to get certified as a life coach. You want to make sure that the coaches you’re looking at have gone through the training. While there may be some coaches who haven’t received any professional training – for this demographic, check some reviews and feedback from others.


If you see someone advertising their coaching services online, but they don’t have a website or a list of what makes them qualified, it’s best to steer away from them.


It’s Not for Everyone


Life coaching isn’t for everyone. It’s as simple as that. They are great at offering you sound advice based upon their training and experience, but they are somewhat limited to just that.


If you are experiencing something deeper, a life coach may not be the one for you. However, there are plenty out there who deal with and help heavier topics. It’s best that you consider what they can provide you with before hiring a life coach.


This leads us to our next point – evaluate what you are seeking. In order to determine if a life coach is for you, you need to consider what you are wanting one for in the first place.


Evaluate What You Are Seeking


Are you struggling with a recent breakup or grieving the loss of a job? If so, a life coach may be the perfect solution to help you through this transitional time in your life.


You want to seriously reflect on why you are wanting to hire a life coach in the first place. Some turn to coaching if they want to advance further in their career. Others may seek the advice of a coach for their spiritual journey.


There is a wide variety of life coaches available online and in person. Once you have zeroed in on what guidance you’re in need of, it will help to narrow down what life coaches you want to hire.


They Aren’t a Medical Professional


It’s important to keep in mind that most life coaches aren’t medical professionals. If you’re experiencing mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, it’s best that you visit a psychologist or therapist.


Life coaches are a great resource for the less heavy dealings in your life. You can think of them more as a trusted friend. Yet, they do not have the same knowledge and experience of those who are medical professionals.


The Rundown


Are life coaches a scam? No, but you want to be aware that their training is limited. With this, they should be more affordable than a medical or financial professional. Evaluate what coaching you desire, and research if a life coach is for you!


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