4 Mindset Hacks to Help You Save Money

Your chimney needs repair, so you reached out to Brickworks Property Restoration for a quote. You’ve been spending money quite recklessly lately, and you didn’t account when things like home improvement come up. You’re wanting to start being better at saving money.

 We get it! That’s why we’re offering 4 mindset hacks to help you save money.

 Live Beneath Your Means

 This will be a hard one to swallow if you’re a shopaholic, but if you’re wanting to save more money – you need to live beneath your means. In a way, you’re adopting the mindset of someone who makes less money than you. Instead of having the mindset that you can afford what you want, adopt the mindset that you have less than you do. Keeping a separate bank account will help with this. It goes along with the idea of “out of sight, out of mind.”

Tips to live beneath your means:

  • Keep two separate bank accounts, one account you put money in but don’t touch
  • Don’t mindlessly shop
  • Try to only purchase needs versus wants – keep wants to a minimum

View Coupons and Deals as Extra Money

Utilizing coupons and cashing in on deals is something that people believe only poor people do because they have to. This isn’t the case, there are plenty of wealthy people who always seek out a good deal and aren’t afraid to use coupons at the register. There’s a difference between being frugal and being poor. If you’re wanting to start saving money, you want to take on the frugal mindset.

Tips to adopt a frugal mindset:

  • View coupons and deals as extra money
  • Feel financially secure, but know it could be better if you took advantage of ways to save money
  • View your money as time and energy you’ve invested that you don’t want to “waste”

Practice Conscious Shopping

What is conscious shopping? Consciousness means that you are aware of something. Oftentimes, we mindlessly shop either online or in-person. We pick up each shiny thing that we see and add it to our cart without thinking twice about it. That’s why you want to practice conscious shopping if you’re wanting to save more money.

Tips to practice conscious shopping:

  • Ask yourself: “Do I really need or desire this, or am I being impulsive?”
  • Don’t shop if you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or unhappy
  • Plan what you’re going to purchase ahead of time and stick with it

Don’t Fall for Impulse Buys

There’s a reason that there are shelves of items when you’re at the grocery store.  These are called impulse items. Stores strategically place products at the checkout to try and make you impulsive and buy them. After all, you clearly didn’t think to buy them before you saw them. It’s important to resist these temptations.

It’s not just in stores that make use of impulse shoppers, online retailers do the same. You’ve probably seen websites say something like, “we also think you might like this,” when you go to finalize your purchase. If you want to save money, be aware that these are all marketing ploys to get you to purchase something you hadn’t even thought of before. Rise above that!




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