How to Plan a Money-Making Outdoor Event at Your Winery This Summer

Summer is a great time to host events at your winery, and pleasant weather makes people more inclined to spend time outside and enjoy the scenery around them. As a winery owner, the warm months are an opportunity to capitalize on the beauty of your land by inviting customers to outdoor events, which will drive more visitors to your venue and help you make more money. Planning events like this can be challenging, and here’s some advice to help you guarantee that yours is a success.

Determine the Type of Event You Want to Host

You can host whatever event you want, but you should make it specific enough that people know what they’re attending. For example, a vineyard tour, wine tasting, themed party, or concert will attract more visitors than a general outdoor event. Consider your winery’s unique features, like specialty wines or picturesque views, and incorporate them into the experience. If you have sprawling vineyards, offer people a guided tour where you walk them through the winemaking process. Boost interest in your specialty wines by providing tastings and offering a package deal to attendees, such as a reduced rate, a discounted bottle of wine, or coupons to the winery.

Plan Your Event in Advance

Tempting as it may be to schedule something for next week, especially if you’re worried about money, it’s not advisable. You need time to plan logistics, and you risk losing out on visitors who might already have plans. Summer is a busy season for many business owners, so check out local events, as you don’t want to plan something the same day as a popular parade or street party. Remember, this is the opportunity to set yourself apart from other wineries in the area, and you want to drive as much traffic as possible.

Partner With Local Vendors

Maximize your revenue potential by contacting local stores and vendors. Food trucks are trendy and will attract loyal customers to your event. Additionally, see if stores want to set up product stalls. That way, you’re increasing your income while establishing solid business relationships with people in your community.

Consider Live Music

Live music enhances the ambiance at any event, especially if they perform popular songs and have a solid stage presence. The live music industry is very lucrative, reaching $31 billion in 2022, and you don’t need to hire a high-profile band or performer, as there are likely many talented musicians in your community that would love to spend an afternoon playing.

Educate Visitors on What Sets You Apart

Talk to visitors about your different types of wine and how they compare to other suppliers. Some people might have discounted your winery, as they have been told that foreign wine is better, and are probably unaware that California is the fourth-largest producer of wine in the world, after France, Spain, and Italy. Meaning, high-quality and tasty wine can be purchased throughout the country.

Set Yourself Apart

It’s no secret that there’s stiff competition when it comes to owning a business. You are competing with other wineries, restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops. All these places are likely to offer events, tours, tastings, and more, so it’s important to set yourself apart from the competition. Your outdoor event can help you do that!

Add Restroom Facilities

Sacramento is known for its beer, food, and coffee, but wine is always a top seller, too! With this in mind, be sure your outdoor winery event offers porta potties for your customers. This way, they can purchase food and sip on their wine throughout the day without worrying about finding a facility.

Like any business owner, your goal is to make money. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to drive traffic to your winery, and a unique outdoor event that sets you apart from the competition is an excellent way to do that. Use it to drive traffic to your location and create lasting customer relationships!

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