18 Activities to Stay Young and Full of Life

Everyone wants to stay young and vibrant for as long as possible, regardless of age. But knowing just what to do to achieve this goal can prove tricky. If you’re looking for some tips to stay youthful, here are some activities and tips to get you started. 

1. Eat Healthy

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Everyone should eat well, but healthy food can help keep you young and healthy. Eating lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and complex carbs can help keep you youthful. Plus, a diet like this could help in the prevention of illnesses like heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Pass the broccoli!

2. Exercise

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A workout routine can help keep you young, even if it is just a stroll around the neighborhood. Research suggests that regular aerobic exercise may stall or improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. You’re less likely to develop heart disease, high cholesterol, and more.  

3. Drink Plenty of Water

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Water is essential to life, but it can also contribute to staying young and healthy. Water helps nourish and hydrate your skin and helps your kidneys function well. Drinking enough water also keeps you “regular,” which is always a plus. 

4. Get Enough Sleep

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People typically need less sleep as they age, but getting enough quality sleep is essential to staying young and healthy. Taking steps to have a consistent bedtime, being active during the day, and relaxing before bed can help you sleep better. 

5. Stimulate Your Brain

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Hobbies are a positive part of life, keeping you busy with something you enjoy. But some activities can help keep you young. Things like reading, crosswords, chess, and more can help keep your brain active and may reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, depression, and more.

6. Limit Alcohol

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Cutting back on alcohol is another critical step to staying young and vibrant. For bodily health, alcohol is bad for the liver and can contribute to different types of cancers. Mental health-wise, alcohol can make symptoms of depression and anxiety worse. If you drink, be sure to do so in moderation. 

7. Don’t Smoke

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Anything with nicotine in it is terrible for you. Nicotine use can contribute to heart, lung, and gum disease, as well as cancer. Smoking even causes wrinkles. A year after quitting smoking, your heart disease risk decreases by half. Symptoms of depression and anxiety improve after giving up nicotine. Talk to your doctor for tips on how to quit. 

8. Wear Sunscreen

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The sun and its UV rays cause skin damage and age skin at all stages of life. Too much sun can also contribute to an increased chance of skin cancer. People with darker skin have a lesser chance of skin cancer but can still get it. Skin cancer is sometimes misdiagnosed or diagnosed later in people with darker skin because of these misconceptions and found at later stages. To stay vibrant and healthy, make sure to lather on sunscreen and consider wearing clothing to block out the rays.

9. Have a Skincare Routine

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In addition to using sunscreen, having a skincare routine can help keep you young and vibrant. Wash and moisturize your face after waking up and before going to sleep. In addition, try to find products meant for your skin type, like dry, oily, combination, or sensitive. If you have acne problems or are concerned about spots or moles, talk to your doctor or see a dermatologist. 

10. Regularly Go to the Doctor

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Seeing your doctor regularly can help keep you young and vibrant. A doctor’s visit can ensure your weight, bloodwork, blood pressure, and more are on track. Plus, your doctor may notice health issues you weren’t aware of before. Your doctor’s appointment may be virtual these days, so you don’t have to get out of your pajamas. 

11. Adopt and Play With a Pet

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A furry (or not!) friend is a great way to stay youthful. At any age, having a pet friend lessens symptoms of depression and stress and improves heart health and blood pressure. Plus, a pet often keeps its owners more active. For older folks, many shelters have programs to connect senior pets and people, often for free or at a reduced price. 

12. Find Ways to Improve Mental Well-Being

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Limiting stress is a great way to stay young and vibrant. A little stress is okay, but too much can have negative consequences for your health, like increased anxiety, depression, headaches, infections, and more. Talking with your loved ones or seeing a therapist is a great way to deal with stress and other mental health issues. Meditation, exercise, drawing, eating well, and more are good ways to reduce stress. 

13. Intimacy

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Intimacy is another activity that can keep you young and vibrant. Research suggests that intimacy can help lower blood pressure and heart attack risk and decrease stress. In addition, it may improve sleep and female incontinence. One study even suggested it reduced the risk of prostate cancer. You probably didn’t need more reasons to get intimate, but you’re welcome in advance. 

14. Dress to Impress

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Keeping up with what’s in fashion may be a great go-to to stay young and vibrant. Always choose clothing that is comfortable and suits your body, but scrolling online or reading a magazine may give you an idea of what’s trending – and keep you trendy. 

15. Do the Right Makeup Techniques for Your Face

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Knowing what makeup techniques best suit your face is a must to maintain a youthful and vibrant look. Younger folks may need to choose makeup that meshes well with acne or acne-prone skin. For mature skin, fine lines and wrinkles means moisturizing and priming the skin so makeup stays on well.

In addition, avoid overly shimmery or matte makeup, as these can draw more attention to skin imperfections. You may also want to change your eyeliner habits, as fine lines mean a perfectly straight cat-eye look may not work.

16. Stretch

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Exercise that increases your heart rate is essential, as is stretching. Stretching can help support youthfulness by keeping muscles flexible as you age. Stretching can also help improve posture, which is particularly important if you sit at a desk frequently. 

17. Limit Your Screen Time

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Technology is great, but too much blue light and time online isn’t beneficial. Taking breaks from your phone can help you feel better mentally, and limiting blue light exposure from screens can help prevent cataracts, poor sleep, and more. 

18. Spend Time With Loved Ones

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Loneliness is bad for your health. Research suggests that feelings of loneliness can contribute to dementia, depression, and even early death. So, finding ways to spend time with family and friends or participating in an activity to bond with new people is a great way to stay young and vibrant. 

Keep a Positive Outlook

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There are plenty of activities and tips to try if you want to stay young and vibrant. From trendy clothes and makeup to hobbies to a furry friend, there are many ways to stay young and enjoy life. But remember that aging is a gift, and always live life to the fullest. 

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