18 Affordable Wines That Taste Expensive

A bottle of wine can help you unwind after a long day or spice up your date night. However, a good bottle can cost hundreds of dollars. If you’re looking for a good wine that doesn’t come with sticker shock, you’re in luck! There are plenty of affordable options beyond boxed wine and Barefoot.

1. McBride Sisters Red Blend

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This delightful red pairs well with beef, chicken, and veal. It’s also great to drink by itself. Coming in at $20 a bottle, it offers the perfect blend of bold flavor and affordability so you can sip it without guilt.

2. A to Z Wineworks Chardonnay

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This Oregon-based Chardonnay blends fruity notes of apple, pear, apricot, melon, and peach. It pairs well with fish, chicken, and pasta and only costs $16 a bottle, making it an amazingly affordable option for any night of the week.

3. Borsao Tinto Garnacha

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A favorite from Spain, this full-bodied red doesn’t compromise on flavor at under $10 a bottle. It’s made from Grenache grapes and pairs well with a number of dishes, including beef, lamb, and pasta.

4. La Vieille Ferme Rouge

Image Credit: La Vieille Ferme.

This red wine has a flowery and fruit flavor that delivers a full-bodied taste in every sip. The quaint, rustic artwork on the front gives the bottle a cozy, country vibe, but the flavor of this red is bursting with juiciness and seductive aromas.

5. Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo

Image Credit: Campo Viejo.

With a cherry red appearance and unapologetic berry flavors, the Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo is precisely what a Tempranillo should be. It’s bold without being heavy and earthy while still juicy, delivering a fabulous and striking taste.

6. Cocobon Vineyards Red Blend

Image Credit: Cocobon Vineyards.

This woody red blend has flavors inspired by the forest, with hints of oak and dark berries that create a robust taste. It’s one of the richest red blends, but the price tag makes it one of the cheapest! The enticing wine is ideal for heavy meals and red meat.

7. Apothic Crush Red Blend

Image Credit: Apothic.

The name Apothic Crush feels fancy, and this red blend’s flavor profile is delightfully bouncy with floral tastes and ripe fruit notes. The spry taste subdues into a gentle and warm profile, offering hints of caramel, vanilla, and wood.

8. Bread and Butter Cabernet Sauvignon

Image Credit: Bread and Butter.

Bread and Butter is one of the most marvelous brands for people who want luxurious flavors and low prices. This Cabernet Sauvignon is a lovely layered red with deep hints of mocha lightened by notes of juicy berries.

9. Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon

Image Credit: Michael David Winery.

The stunning and artistic label design on the Freakshow bottle will wow your friends, but the deep flavor of this Cabernet Sauvignon will seal the deal. It has prominent and bold black cherry and raspberry notes with a toasty, nutty finish.

10. Crios Malbec

Image Credit: Folio Wine/Crios.

Crios Malbec is a ruby-red wine that flaunts bold flavors like plums, cherries, mocha, and blackberries. However, it also has gentle notes of vanilla. This Malbec has a unique and inviting flavor that tickles the tongue, with elements of black pepper and licorice to finish.

11. Prophecy Rosé

Image Credit: Prophecy Wines.

The Prophecy Rosé has a gorgeous and whimsical label design, making it even more alluring. This rosé is elegant and airy with layers of fresh strawberries, white peaches, raspberries, and soft florals.

12. Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling

Image Credit: Charles Smith Wines.

The name of this Riesling doesn’t have that vintage French vibe, but it does feel trendy and artsy. This wine has soft flavors, like jasmine and white peach, that are elevated by the zest of lime and the warmth of honeysuckle.

13. Chateau Souverain Sauvignon Blanc

Image Credit: Chateau Souverain.

This bottle is a dream for those who love a bright, light Sauvignon Blanc. The Chateau Souverain Sauvignon Blanc is wonderfully crisp and clear with citrus flavors and a pure flavor profile. Every sip is refreshingly airy and fruity but never overpowering.

14. Jam Cellars Butter Chardonnay

Image Credit: JaM Cellars.

Chardonnays can be crisp, buttery, or somewhere in between. The modern-looking bottle of Jam Cellars Butter Chardonnay whole-heartedly leans toward buttery, with a velvety mouthfeel and luscious, oaky flavor. It’s a cozy Chardonnay with a creamy feel that always satisfies.

15. Josh Cellars Chardonnay

Image Credit: Josh Cellars.

In general, Josh Cellars makes superb wines that cost very little, but the Chardonnay from this brand is particularly delightful. It has a hint of sweetness mellowed by bright and balanced citrus notes. It’s a smooth and honeyed Chardonnay people adore.

16. Erath Pinot Gris

Image Credit: Erath.

This delightful Pinot Gris has a honeyed flavor that boasts notes of honeydew melon, roses, pears, and apples. The white wine also has subtle elements of pine and anise. Enjoy the delicate but stony flavor that goes beautifully with fish and vegetables.

17. Quinta Da Aveleda Vinho Verde White

Image Credit: Aveleda.

This white blend is a straightforward bottle with a fresh, fruity taste that doesn’t complicate things. However, it is not flat by any means. This unpretentious wine delivers a tang of citrus and a bold acidity that excites every sip.

18. Gazela Vinho Verde

Image Credit: Gazela.

The Gazela Vinho Verde is a sensational white wine with garden-fresh flavors such as green apple, lemon, lime, and peach. It has a slight effervescence that sparkles in your mouth and a vivid, dazzling taste perfect for spring and summer sipping.

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