4 Most Affordable Cities in the US with a High-Quality of Life

You’ve probably noticed how expensive everyday items have become. From eggs at the grocery store to your monthly electric utility bill, it seems every necessity has a higher price than last year. 


This economic crisis is leading people to search for more affordable places to live in the United States. However, more affordable doesn’t necessarily mean a lower quality of life. There are many cities that offer a high-quality of life with a lower price tag. 


If you’re considering relocating to a more affordable city, pack up your things and call Black Tie Moving to help you get more out of your paycheck in these low-cost cities. 

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6 Reasons Why Customer Experience Is Important

The customer experience starts from the moment a potential client hears about your brand and goes on even after a purchase has been made. It includes all aspects of customer service and ultimately determines what customers think of your brand and whether they return or recommend it to others. Keeping this in mind, let’s discuss the main reasons why improving customer experience is of utmost importance. Continue reading

Moez Kassam Net Worth

Canadian investor Moez Kassam is a hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist who is active in many nonprofit organizations in Toronto and beyond.

As a student at Bayview Glen School, Moez Kassam developed an interest in finance after his class placed in the top three schools in the TD Stock Portfolio Challenge for Ontario. Kassam went on to attend the University of Western Ontario, where he graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 2010, Moez Kassam earned his Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in finance from the London Business School.

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3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Camping Trip

Camping is one of the best ways to spend time with loved ones while enjoying the great outdoors, but many campers find themselves surprised at just how expensive a proper camping trip can be! Between permits, food, necessary supplies, and gear for hunting or other activities from a company like Outdoor Solutions, the cost of a camping trip can quickly add up. While there is no way to avoid certain expenses such as a high-quality tent or necessary safety gear, there are a few ways that campers can save money and make camping a relatively cheap experience. Keep reading to learn 3 money-saving tips that have been approved by expert campers. 

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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Property Portfolio

It’s truly a unique time to be a landlord. Pretty much as soon as the Government started phasing out mortgage interest relief, it introduced brand new areas of expenses.


The white paper released by Levelling Up looks to make the entire rental sector within England and Wales a lot more Environmentally-friendly. The reason is because of the UK’s desire to be net zero in its carbon emissions by as early as 2050.


Pretty much everyone knows, agrees, and understands why having Eco-friendly homes is a good thing. The latest white paper release has ended up leaving a lot of landlords with a lot more questions than they have answers.

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