5 Places to Find Budget Suites

5 Places to Find Budget Suites

If you never had the chance for your summer vacation this year, it’s not too late to plan a relaxing getaway. Now that the high season has passed, you may be able to find even better travel deals. Since the tourists are gone and the kids are back in school, now is the perfect time to plan a budget vacation. Not only are the prices more reasonable, but you may be surprised to see what else you can afford, such as upgraded amenities or suites. For those who are looking for a little more luxury or a weekend staycation, here are 5 places you can find budget suites.

5 Places to Find Budget Suites

1. Booking.com

When I start looking for accommodations, booking.com is one of the first stops along my buyer’s journey. It has a wide array of properties around the world, with more than 28 million listings in 228 countries. When you start searching, the site shows the cheapest rates available, including discounted rates for last-minute deals. You can browse through hundreds of hotels, homes, condos, apartments, and unique accommodations for popular destinations. So, you can see why it would be one of the best places to find budget suites.

I also appreciate that it offers greater flexibility to change and cancel reservations. Many listings don’t require a credit card to confirm the booking and have reasonable cancellation policies if plans change. And, they have filters to help you find accommodations and suites that fit your criteria and budget.

However, the top reason I visit their site is for the discount. I’m a member of their loyalty program. So, I save an additional 10% with my Genius discount which you qualify for if you have two stays in two years. You can save 15% off the total booking if you move up to level two with five stays in two years.

Priceline Express Deals

When I’m looking for budget suites, price and location are my top priorities. Therefore, Priceline makes it easy to find what I need. I often prefer to use Priceline for their map and search features alone. When you type in a destination, you can use the map to compare hotels near the attractions and neighborhoods you want. And, it provides pop-up information about the prices, star ratings, and customer ratings. I can get all the information I need at a glance.

But, the real savings are for those who have flexibility with their travel plans. The Priceline Express Deals make it one of the cheapest sites for spontaneous travelers. If you have some room with your dates, you can save big on last-minute travel accommodations. Many people confirm that they regularly get 60% discounts on their stays, including 5-star resorts and hotels. Furthermore, many properties often apply the same discount to all room types, including suites.


This site has been around for a while and has become a trusted place to find accommodations in over 19,000 locations. The search engine is easy to navigate and has listings at hotels, B&Bs, apartments, vacation homes, condos…even castles if you want. And, they have a vast list of filters so you can find the specific amenities and room types you are looking for.

The reason I come to Hotels.com though is for their industry discounts. Since the company has been around since 1991, they have a good relationship with most hotel chains. Therefore, they often have better rates than other travel sites. And, they often extend the discount beyond their standard rooms. It will also flag hotels with significant discounts as well to help you get the most for your money.


Although I was hesitant to use a site that doesn’t reveal the location until you confirm your booking, HotelTonight has proven to be a reliable site for discounts on high-quality hotels. As the name suggests, it is one of the best places to find same-day deals on accommodations.

HotelTonight offers discount rates for hotels that haven’t reached capacity. The site advertises the rooms at deep discounts, sometimes up to 50%, to help hotels improve occupancy rates. But, they will only provide the general location and ratings before booking. Each time I used it, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that we landed a 3-4 star hotel for 2-star prices.

The Daily Drop gives you the best deal of the day. But, there’s a catch; you only have 15 minutes to claim it. If you are lucky enough to snag this deal, you could pay pennies on the dollar for budget suites.

Google Hotels

Google Hotels is a one-stop shop for destination information. And, it is specifically tailored for anyone who already uses Google. You can easily navigate straight from the search engine. You can just type “hotels” in the search bar to get started. From there, you can filter by price and location. Plus, it often has more current information on hotel availability than other websites.

It is also integrated into Google maps which makes it easy to compare prices in specific locations. Furthermore, it will also tell you about local attractions and give you an idea of which times will be the busiest. Although the site isn’t designated as a discount search option, it is one of the most reliable metasearch options for hotels and last-minute deals.

Tips to Find the Best Deals

These sites are 5 great places to shop for budget suites. However, here are a few tips to help you find the best deals out there.

  • A travel agent once told me that most companies in the travel industry start looking at dates and adjusting prices based on availability about 45 days in advance. Start your search early and check back regularly.
  • Set alerts and notifications for dates you potentially want to book.
  • Compare websites since they may have different rates.
  • Be flexible.
  • Look for dates in the off-season or on weekdays.
  • Refine your search filters to get exactly what you want.
  • Ask for corporate or membership discounts.
  • Read the fine print. Some accommodations may have restrictions or strict cancellation policies. Make sure you know what you’re booking before you pay.
  • Check the final total. Sometimes, an offer seems like a good deal until you include all the taxes and fees. Make sure you have a final tally before you give them your information.

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