Budgeting for a Summer Trip


summer trip

It’s June, and summer is upon us.  Not officially, but close enough.  Vacationing during the summer is commonplace.  But what is the best way to budget for that summer trip?

I have a travel category in my budget every month.  Let’s say I allot $150 a month for trips throughout the year.  That gives me a yearly total of $1800 for trips.  Depending on where I decide to go, I try and budget a trip for $900.  This means I can take 2 vacations during the year.  Again this is amount is allotted for just 1 individual.  If you have a family of four you will have to make other arrangements.

I like to go on cruises, to the beach, this summer I am heading to New York City.  Taking a little out of my budget every month allows me to properly plan for my vacation.  The alternative would be to take a huge hit during the month you do decide to travel.

I always make savings my first priority, but I do take time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Hard work should be rewarded.  I’ve heard many times how employees let vacation days go unused, a problem I won’t let myself ever have.  There are many ways to budget for a trip or summer vacation.  I just let you know how I get it done.

Budget Smart, Invest Wise