15 Car Brands Known for Excessive Gas Consumption

Have you seen gas prices these days? It’s difficult to squeeze traveling into your budget when the prices at the pump keep increasing. If you are like me and need a car but are not sure what brand to look for, you’re not alone.

There are many car brands known for making great cars but not the best miles per gallon. Those are the ones to steer clear of in order to keep more money in your wallet.

1. Ford

Image Credit: Ford.

Ford has been trying to work its way into the electric vehicle circuit and has been making strides in its overall fuel economy. But with suped-up muscle cars like the Mustang and Roush models, they still make the list of gas-guzzling brands. Ford falls just short of the national average of 26 miles per gallon with an average of 24 miles per gallon across their fleet of cars.

2. Chevrolet

Image Credit: Chevrolet.

Another American-made brand that has few friends at the gas pump is Chevrolet. Like Ford, the brand makes a lot of trucks and sport utility vehicles that will be pricey when filling up your gas tank. Some economy option cars exist, but Chevrolet has an average miles per gallon of 23.5.

3. Chrysler

Image Credit: Chrysler.

Car experts have given Chrysler a lot of credit for their miles per gallon on the highway. Still, their models need to be revised in city-driving fuel economy. They say many of their vehicles sit well below the national average for city driving. Overall, they definitely have some work to do. The brand has an average of 23 miles per gallon, leaving their drivers asking for more.

4. Lexus

Image Credit: Lexus.

Luxury brands have gotten away with being less gas-frugal because of their performance engines. Still, technology has changed the way these cars perform versus fuel economy. Lexus has many options to keep you satisfied with your fuel performance. Still, they fall short of Japanese-made cars’ miles per gallon average of 26, coming in at 23.

5. BMW

Image Credit: BMW.

The Germans are known for making a well-crafted engine. They have also been very innovative in experimenting with electric cars, and there are many hybrid models to choose from. However, they are still behind when it comes to other German brands. While other German vehicles boast an average of 24 miles per gallon, BMW averages 22.

6. Ram

Image Credit: Ram.

It’s hard to fault a company for bad gas mileage when the brand primarily makes trucks and cargo vans. Ram is a spin-off of Dodge and manufactures vehicles that need to tow or handle a lot of weight. They have an average miles per gallon of 22, which is pretty good for what their products can do. There will always be a trade-off between performance and fuel economy.

7. Porsche

Image Credit: Porsche.

If you buy a Porsche, I’m sure you will have no problem getting that credit card out at the gas station. After all, you are purchasing a sports car and looking for speed and power. You will get what you pay for from Porsche, but we are also chronicling luxury brand miles per gallon. Porsche falls just under their category’s national average by one gallon, which is not too bad if you think about it.

8. Lincoln

Image Credit: Lincoln.

American luxury brand Lincoln is known for its smooth ride and cool entertainment features like drop-down screens and premium speakers. But as we have learned before, luxury comes with a price at the pump. The national average for American luxury brands is 22 miles per gallon, and Lincoln comes up short with 21.

9. Mercedes-Benz

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz.

Like their rival BMW, Mercedes-Benz needs to catch up to the rest of the German cars when it comes to fuel economy. Mercedes has some impressive vehicles in their electric and hybrid catalog, but those can be pricey. If you want a basic Mercedes model, you’re looking at a car getting around 2 miles per gallon under the national average.

10. Jaguar

Image Credit: Jaguar.

Another brand of car that costs you big to keep the tank full is Jaguar. But you are not penny-pinching if you are on a Jaguar lot; you can afford that pretty piece of automotive perfection. Drive that thing proud! It only comes in 2 miles per gallon underneath the national average. It’s not a big deal with the wind in your hair as you’re cruising along the coastline.

11. Infiniti

Image Credit: Infiniti.

Japanese automakers can make some very efficient cars — just look at Toyota and Honda and how they help revolutionize hybrid vehicles. Not so with the Infiniti brand, unfortunately. Infiniti is well below the average of its fellow Japanese brands, arriving at an average of just 20 miles per gallon. That’s the lowest on this list so far!

12. Dodge

Image Credit: Dodge.

It seems like Dodge never really cared about jumping on the economy car model. Most of their cars are centered around performance and all-American power. Their biggest sellers are the Charger and the Ram pickup truck, which aren’t really the markets for drivers looking to save money when filling up. Dodge averages only 20 miles per gallon across their entire fleet of vehicles.

13. Cadillac

Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0/Wiki Commons.

Cadillac is another brand known for its big, powerful sedans and sports utility vehicles. You know what you will get when you get behind the wheel of a Cadillac: a big, roomy interior with stylish features. Newer models are starting to stay on par with other luxury brands, and Cadillac is only off by 1 mile per gallon. It’s alright for the Cadillac drivers. You can cruise into the gas station comfortably, knowing it might cost more to fill up.

14. Land Rover

Image Credit: Land Rover.

I almost hate to be writing the brand name right now, but it is one of the least fuel-efficient brands on the market. You can’t really blame Land Rover, though. They make high-end sport utility vehicles. They aren’t supposed to be saving money at the pump — they are built for safaris, for crying out loud! While they only average 20 miles per gallon, the brand makes impressive vehicles. I don’t think they will disappear anytime soon.

15. GMC

Image Credit: CC BY 2.0/Wiki Commons.

General Motor Company is the least fuel-efficient brand on the general market. They pride themselves in making large trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles. If you need some American muscle, check out a new GMC. Just know they average about 19 miles per gallon, which easily puts them at the lowest on this list.

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