15 Free Birthday Meals You Shouldn’t Miss

Happy Birthday! You have earned yourself a special treat on this special day. There are so many places out there that want to spoil you for being a loyal customer. This is the day that signing up for all those apps and reward programs finally comes to fruition. Free food, baby! Eat up — let’s celebrate you.

1. Red Robin

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You know you will get a great burger when you sit down at Red Robin. The birthday program is great — you get a whole month to grab your free birthday burger. If you’re not a fan of red meat, you can swap that burger out for one of their gourmet chicken sandwiches. How cool is that?

2. Chili’s

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Chili’s is a solid option for a fun dinner with friends and family. They offer their members a free chocolate molten lava cake on their birthday. While it is not a meal, it could be a meal if you convince yourself. After all, you’re an adult; you can have dessert for dinner. You’ve earned it! Skip the dinner, go straight to dessert, and see if you are ready for a meal afterward. No judgment from us.

3. Jersey Mike’s

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Jersey Mike’s has been serving up a flavorful sandwich for years. I’m so glad the company found its way to the West Coast. The brand is taking care of its valuable customers by giving them a free sandwich and fountain soda, eligible for redemption throughout the year, and it never expires! Where is this Mike character? I want to give him a big hug.


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IHOP is unique because it might be the only restaurant to give you a kind of birthday cake as your free birthday meal.

Get yourself a free Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity pancake stack on your birthday. It’s like eating a cake for your birthday dinner. And it only gets better: the restaurant will also reward you with a free stack on your half-birthday! Two free pancake stacks! That’s more pancakes than I eat in a year, but it might change after I sign up for some rewards.

5. Denny’s

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Denny’s knows what you want when you sit down in their booths. You are there for a hearty meal that will satisfy you throughout the day. Denny’s also knows what to do for your birthday.

The classic Grand Slam meal will be served when you decide to dine in your birthday month. That’s a hearty meal I recommend after a night of libations with your friends. Soak up some of those late-night regrets with a free meal the following day.

6. Ruby Tuesday

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The burger chain Ruby Tuesday is less popular than it once was, but they still offer a free burger on your birthday. It’s a great deal, but unfortunately, the chain isn’t as available as it once was. If you frequent the restaurant, sign up for the free burger on your birthday. You can choose the burger you want, which is a rarity for free stuff!

7. Marcos Pizza

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Do you know what is better than pizza? Free pizza! Marco’s Pizza might be the only pizza chain offering a free option for its birthday members. On your birthday, you can get a free small one-topping pizza. You might not be able to share with your friends, but they can buy their own pizza. Tell them to buy you some breadsticks, too; it’s your birthday, not theirs.

8. Buffalo Wild Wings

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Spend your birthday with your buddies watching your favorite sports teams at your local Buffalo Wild Wings. Their program is super easy to join, and they will give you a free order of wings on your birthday. Are you going to go crazy and get some intense spicy wings? If you’re scared, it’s okay; they won’t judge you if you get mild. (But your friends might!)

9. Chick-fil-A

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Does Chick-fil-A have the most incredible chicken sandwich in the fast food game? It sounds like an argument you can have with your friends as you enjoy a crispy chicken sandwich for free the next time you celebrate a birthday. Make sure you get a classic shake to wash that sandwich down. And if your birthday falls on a Sunday and the place is closed, you have until the end of the month to redeem the reward!

10. Chipotle

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Chipotle is my favorite fast-casual restaurant. I eat there weekly but never signed up for their rewards program. What is wrong with me? The rewards program will rack up points you can redeem for free later on, but the birthday deal will give you free chips and guacamole on your special day. It’s not a completely full free meal, but have you had Chipotle’s guacamole? It will definitely bring that meal up a level.

11. Einstein Bros. Bagels

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Every restaurant has its own rewards program or app, but Einstein Bros. Bagels might have the best name for theirs. The Shmear Society Rewards program sounds like an underground London governing society that controls the secrets that the general population can’t wrap their heads around. Luckily, we can all sign up and enjoy a free egg sandwich on our birthdays.

12. Jimmy Johns

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Come on, Jimmy John’s, you’re being a little coy with your birthday rewards program. The company will give you a free sub once you sign up with their rewards program, and then they hint that there will be a birthday surprise once a year.

Come on out and say what it is already, Jimmy. Odds are, it’s a free sub, and no one should be sad about that. Still, stop being such a tease on my birthday!

13. Firehouse Subs

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I must track down a Firehouse sub because they value their customers. The sandwich company offers a reward program to give a free sub sandwich during your birthday week. That’s right: if you are not craving a sub sandwich on your actual birthday, you have a whole week to redeem the deal. Thank you, Firehouse, for understanding that we might forget or be busy on birthdays.

14. P.F. Changs

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If you want a little taste of Chinese cuisine on your special day, you and your friends should go to the mall and grab a bite at P.F. Changs. It is an excellent spot for some Chinese food, and if you sign up for their rewards program, you can enjoy a free appetizer or dessert on the house! Take it from me: try the lettuce wraps. You’ll thank me later.

15. Hooters

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Hooters offers a free order of wings if you sign up for their rewards program. That’s a good deal. Just remember, the waitresses are there to serve you; they are not flirting with you. The app even says Hooter Girls are not included. I can’t believe they even have to say that.

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