How to Spring Clean Your House to Save Money

Spring is officially here, and cleaning your home can do more for you than just lift your mood. Spring cleaning your home can also help you save money and materials around your house. If you’d like to learn how exactly you should spring clean your house to save money, have a look at the helpful tips below.

Clean Surfaces With Sanitizing Wipes

To make sure that your home’s surfaces are literally clean enough to eat off of, wipe them with sanitizing wipes. Doing this will help you get rid of illness-causing germs and bacteria and make your home safe and comfortable. You’ll have lowered the chances of something like the flu spreading in your home, which according to a survey by the National Health Interview, is solely responsible for 200 million days of lowered productivity as well as 75 million days of absence from work. To save money (and PTO), be sure to kick germs to the curb when cleaning your home.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Households in the U.S. have, on average, 300,000 things in them. When you’re decluttering and reducing the number of items in your home this spring, be sure to consider how you can reuse these items to save money. For example, glass containers can be reused to hold other household items such as Q-tips or cotton balls.

Replace the Batteries in Your Smoke Detectors

Another way you can save money during spring cleaning is by protecting your belongings by ensuring their security. There are approximately 29,705 fire departments across the United States, and unfortunately, many firefighters note that homeowners and renters often don’t have working smoke detectors. This can lead to life-threatening situations and property damage if not the complete loss of your home. That said, to protect your investments (and your family!) during spring cleaning, be sure to make replacing the batteries in your smoke detectors a key part of your spring cleaning journey.

Clean and Test Your Security Systems

The rest of the security systems in your home can also benefit from thorough cleaning and testing to make sure that they’re functioning as they should. These include security cameras around your home which can act as an effective deterrent to burglary all by themselves. Do this bearing in mind the fact that there are an average of about 2.5 million break-ins every single year, with more than 65% of these break-ins being home burglaries. Protect your investments and your family by keeping these systems clean and functional this spring.

Change Your HVAC Filter

Last but not least, remember to change the filter in your HVAC system, so that you have clean air flowing through your home. This is a measure that can also make your home a safe haven for anyone who suffers from allergies. By changing the filters, you can also make amazing savings on the energy you use in your home. This will work well alongside other changes and improvements like dialing down your thermostat. According to the Department of Energy, you can save up to 10% every single year on your heating and cooling costs by turning your thermostat back by seven to 10 degrees for just eight hours a day.

These tips should help you end up with a clean, safe home in which you and your family enjoy spending time. Throughout the year, you should keep up with the required cleaning schedule so as to form these habits and make them your second nature. Doing this can enable you to keep an enviable clean home and also show your children the best way to live when they move to their own homes.

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