Coronavirus and Sports: The Economic Effects

coronavirus and sports

Sports has served as a pleasant and warm distraction in times of great uncertainty. From world wars to economic downturns, both sports fans and casual watchers of sports around the world have looked to athletes and their teams for the injection of hope. Unfortunately, the world finds itself faced with the coronavirus crisis which has put a pause on most people’s plans. This presents a turning point for the global economy. In the sporting world, where many major leagues have been shut down, this has implications. The events affect not only the net worth of athletes and their team owners but also the communities which depend on them, economically and emotionally.  Continue reading

Highest Net Worth Basketball Players in 2019


It’s a new year for the NBA. The players are dunking, the nets are swishing, and the endorsement deals are still rolling in. 2019 in the NBA brought us many surprises and many golden moments, the effects of which will still be felt in 2020. In 2019, many teams and players lost on their hopes of championship glory but their net worth could serve as consolidation.  Continue reading

How Much Do NBA Team Owners Make?

nab team

NBA team owners are an interesting bunch. NBA team owners include tech billionaires, successful female executives, and real estate moguls who have turned their passion into profit with successful NBA franchise teams.  Continue reading

Kevin Durant’s Net Worth

In a short space of time, Kevin Durant has made a lot of power moves in the NBA. He has the skills and the temperament to make him a legend in the league. Thus, it comes as no surprise that he is paid like a legend. Continue reading

Best Paying Sports Of 2019

The sporting world has created an immense amount of value not only for fans but also for athletes. The revenues generated in the industry are a result of a value chain which involves rights management, events, content, and properties. The four pillars of the sports value chain contributes significantly to the amount of money athletes make from the industry. Continue reading

Bryce Harper’s Net Worth

Bryce Harper
Bryce Harper

With his batting swing and track record, Bryce Harper is often compared to baseball legend , Babe Ruth. While he still has some way to go before his name is written in stone next to the all-time legends, Bryce has proven to be an indispensable talent in the MLB. Continue reading

C.J. McCollum’s Net Worth



C.J. McCollum's Net Worth
C.J. McCollum


While most kids are still out of school for the summer, parents have been busy slaving away at their jobs wondering what a whole summer off must feel like. For a lot of NBA players, the summer is also a time for them to get some much needed R&R after the rigors of an 80 plus game season. Continue reading

Luke Kornet Net Worth

Luke Kornet Net Worth
Luke Kornet

As a professional who’s NBA career got off to a similar start to that of JaMychal Green’s, Luke Kornet played basketball in the SEC and also went undrafted. Although he has only spent just over one full season in the league, Kornet recently signed a two year deal with the Chicago Bulls. Continue reading

JaMychal Green’s Net Worth

JaMychal Green's Net Worth
JaMychal Green

While most professional athletes take a similar path on their way to the top, not all do. JaMychal Green is one of those players. Green went undrafted out of college, and spent some time bouncing around the league before landing himself on a NBA roster full time. Continue reading

Nerlens Noel Net Worth

Nerlens Noel Net Worth

Free agency in the NBA is in full swing and players oftentimes have to take chances. Nerlens Noel is one of those players. Noel recently declined his player option to remain in Oklahoma City and decided to enter free agency. Continue reading