15 Inexpensive Hobbies That Are More Frustrating Than Fun

Some common and inexpensive hobbies are frequently misunderstood as easy and relaxing. While all hobbies are rewarding in their own way, don’t let their popularity trick you into thinking it’s all rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes, you might even find yourself wondering if this activity is de-stressing or distressing.

1. Writing

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While starting this hobby is as easy as picking up paper and a pen, don’t let the simplicity fool you. If you’ve ever experienced writer’s block, you’ll know how frustrating writing can be. Don’t get me wrong — penning down your thoughts is a rewarding process, but it comes with struggles. Language poses several barriers, and not being able to produce your desired output can be a bummer.

2. Drawing

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Yes, there’s nothing more satisfying than having your finished piece before your eyes. However, let’s not talk about the smudged lines, countless unfinished drawings, and torn pages. Many artists know the feeling of starting all over again despite spending hours on a piece, all because it doesn’t “feel” right.

3. Learning a Language

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Learning a new language opens up countless avenues. It means unlocking a whole new culture, sense of community, and knowledge. However, if you’re learning something completely different from your native language, the struggle will be painful. We’re talking about odd, new scripts, pronunciation, idioms, and grammatical conventions.

4. Gaming

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Gaming is a way for many people to break free from the constraints of reality and engage in a fictitious world, playing as a new character. While this activity is liberating, some games can trigger an episode of rage. For instance, first-person shooters have an affinity for making you curse at every wrong move. Other games, such as League of Legends, are notorious for their steep learning curves that take the joy out of gaming.

5. Guitar

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While musical minds most commonly take up this instrument, it’s also one of the most annoying ones to learn to play. Let’s not forget the polyphonic capabilities required to differentiate between changing notes. Getting acquainted with minor and major keys is a real challenge, considering their abstract nature. Playing the guitar also requires a degree of dexterity, which means ending your sessions with crampy hands and sore fingers.

6. CrossFit

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For those who don’t know about it, this is your chance to turn away. CrossFit is an intense workout regimen with high-intensity motions repeated at set intervals. However, many find this type of exercise annoying since it places focus on numbers and quantity instead of the quality of the workout.

Soon enough, your exercise routine takes a more stressful turn as you prioritize perfectionism over relaxation. Being goal-oriented in workouts is fine, but this excruciating routine isn’t for everyone.

7. Crochet

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If you’ve tried your hand at this craft, you’ll know why it’s simultaneously relaxing and infuriating. From the countless suggestions online confusing you to incomprehensible patterns, you’re likely to think you have no idea what you’re doing. The learning process can even get a bit disappointing when you don’t see your efforts match those of YouTube tutorials.

8. Watercolors

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Painting, in general, is a tricky affair, but watercolors, in particular, can be savage. While some artists enjoy this medium, others hate it to its very core. Watercolors are unpredictable, and learning to control them is an aggravating ordeal. If you like structure in your work, learning to paint with watercolors will be a menace.

9. Baking

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Baking is almost like a science. While the feeling of working in a lab-like setting might excite some, the intricacy required in baking can be annoying for others. One wrong step and everything goes haywire. Unlike cooking, you can’t salvage the damage as easily by increasing or decreasing the quantities or pretending you didn’t set the heat right.

10. Gardening

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It’s truly a wonderful sight to see the labor of your work manifest in little buds and sprouts. However, gardening takes a toll on you, thanks to all the physical labor involved. Plus, those who like instant gratification may find the slow yield of this hobby to be quite painful.

11. Fishing

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This craft is not for the impatient ones. It’s never easy to fight off the irritation when everyone around you seems to be getting a record-worthy catch while your bait is left untouched. It’s almost as if the fish are spiteful of you. Besides, the waiting seems slow and tedious to many people.

12. Programming

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With many accessible resources online, learning programming is relatively easy nowadays. However, many logical challenges can become irritating. The struggle to figure out how to code for recursion or trying to find that minute error in code that is causing the program to crash can be a source of frustration.

13. Candle-Making

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If you know what you’re doing, candle-making can be pretty fun. However, it is a meticulous process that requires many trials and errors before you can finally find the recipe that works for you. From finding the suitable wax to deciding on the perfect wick, each little decision seems to test your patience.

14. DIY

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Channeling your crafty spirit can be fun, but many aspects of this activity can leave you feeling upset. From finding the ideal supplies to preventing failures, you might find that the object you were trying to build yourself was available for cheap in the market.

15. Theater

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Acting can be a fun and creative experience. It is liberating to play as a character from another world. However, what makes theater frustrating is the kind of unpredictable crowd you have to work with. More often than not, you’d find yourself working with overbearing peers who fit the textbook definition of a “theater kid.”

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