Making Money Online For Those Who Do Not Invest

Although investing is one of the best ways to make serious money, not everyone feels confident enough to try this form of earning money. However, there are other ways available online for all people who wish to get some extra funds in an easy and quick process. Check the options you have as an Internet user and choose the one that’s suitable for you to make some pocket money.


One of the best and most effective ways to make money is simply taking up a job. However, if you want to earn a few extra pennies that you can save for some other day, you do not have to look for a part-time job and give up your free time completely. There is a better way – freelancing. If you are good at writing, creating graphics, drawing, or doing anything that might be of use to companies, clients, and other people, you can sell it. You can sell your skills. Freelancing is a great way to earn some pocket money or some bigger sums, depending on how much work will you take and how much time will you devote to this extra job – because it’s you who decides. You are your own boss, that is the beauty of freelancing. Finding work online as a freelancer is not a challenge, there are numerous websites dedicated to those who look for a job or a person to do the job. The world is your oyster, as they say, when you know where to look. 

Affiliate marketing

Another popular option, besides freelancing, to earn money online is affiliate marketing. This is a great possibility for those who don’t want to devote much of their time to a side job. However, there is one catch. Affiliate marketing is not for everybody. This form of making money requires a large, engaged community, audience, or group of followers. It is a great solution for influencers who have gathered thousands of followers. Why? Because of the way affiliate marketing works. It provides you with an additional source of money through the use of special links that you share with your audience. Every person who buys a product or makes use of a service through the use of this particular link, generated specifically for you, adds to your salary. You simply work on something similar to commissions in sales – you get money from every purchase through your link. As you can see, it can provide you with some serious money as long as you have an engaged audience. 

Making money through fun

If you are neither a talented freelancer nor an influencer, the online world still has something to offer you. What would you say about the possibility to earn money through fun? There are various options to get a few extra pennies for playing games or watching movies. One of the options is to become a reviewer, but that would require a bit of work and a nice flow in expressing your opinions. Another option, perfect for everybody, is playing games. What kind of games? Preferably some gambling ones, as they are the quickest and easiest way to win money. You can choose an online casino, make your first bet and see if you have any luck. If you do, you might end your day with much more in your bank account than when you first registered. The trick is to decide on the right, safe sites. You can check the verified reviews to pick a platform, such as LeoVegas review or any other that you can find on such sites as CasinoReviews. Once you are sure that it’s the right website for you, just make a bet and enjoy your winnings that you can safely withdraw when you need them.

Taking surveys

Many people try to make money online by taking surveys, as it does not require any skills or predispositions. You simply register, fill in a few forms and wait for surveys to pop up on your account. Is it a good way to make money? It often depends – on the type of platform, the number of surveys and their quality. It’s not the best solution if you need serious money, but a good way to start earning online.

Flipping Comics

I’m learning that there is a big market out there where collectors pay top dollar for certain comic books. Side-hustlers with good timing can sell decades-old comic books for quick cash whenever new superhero films are announced. The nostalgic collectors, the ones who buy the comics, get very hype when new films are announced. And the collectibles then market spikes accordingly.

If the superhero comic book industry makes billions from comics,  why can’t you hustle a few bucks?  If that industry makes a few billion, you may be able to make a few bucks flipping old comics. It would help if you were a comic book fan, but you don’t have to be.

You do need to make connections with comic book fans, read some comics, go to fan conventions, and get an understanding of what makes the comic book fan tick.

You can then take that old stash of comic books you have in your house and check their value online for free. Just use an online comic book price guide.

Stay humble. Don’t expect to make millions overnight.  You might be able to hustle a few bucks.  It could also potentially become a little side hustle if you have a reliable source of free or cheap comic books to later flip.

Side Hustle: A Guide To Becoming An Uber/Lyft Driver

For those of us looking to earn a little extra cash on the side, driving for an app-powered taxi service like Uber or Lyft holds a certain appeal. If you have the ability to drive, after all, then why not make the most from it? But is this particular side-hustle worthwhile? Let’s find out!

What should I know before becoming a driver?

As a driver, you will be dependent on good reviews from your clientele. That means you’ll need to have emotional intelligence. This needn’t mean being extroverted; some clients will appreciate a driver who knows when to keep quiet. But it will mean that you need to be professional and courteous.

We should also consider the flexibility (or lack of it) inherent in jobs of this sort. While it’s possible to earn money while still adhering to your own schedule, certain times of day yield the highest prices. These are rush hours in the week, and social hours at the weekends. If you’re in 9-5 and you’d like to maintain a social life, then perhaps this isn’t the hustle for you.

Moreover, for all the advantages of being a driver, you’re never going to get the independence that comes with really being your own boss. The companies are hiring you as an independent contractor, which means that they set the prices and the terms.

What should my budget be?

Your budget will need to take into account several expenses, some of which might not be immediately obvious. You’ll need to pay for cleaning supplies to keep the interior looking fresh. That means if someone dirties up the back seat, you’ll need to clean it up (though they will still be charged). Wear and tear on the exterior will also be more strenuous than if you’d just used the vehicle for personal purposes, which means more frequent washes and waxes, more frequent tyre replacements, and more expensive repairs.

Your insurance premiums will rise if you use your car for this purpose. Moreover, the money you earn will be taxed – which might make life unduly complicated if you’re only earning a little bit from your side-hustle.

What about Uber X or UberXL?

Uber’s higher-capacity services are attractive to drivers, as they allow for higher fares – provided that there is enough demand for a high-capacity vehicle. For large events with many big groups attending, a more capacious vehicle, like a Mercedes Benz M8 from Cab Direct, can pay for itself. The only problems occur when clients order a smaller vehicle and then attempt to cram more into it than is legally allowed. This isn’t such an issue for UberXL drivers, who can simply have the ride upgraded afterwards without getting into an argument.

How to Start Your Own Catering Business

If you’re an avid cooking fan, switching to a career in catering can be a great move. Catering and hospitality are two industries which never seem to lose their appeal. People will always be in need of an expert catering company. The question is, how can you get started if you do want to set up your own catering business?

Here, you’ll discover some great tips to help you start your own catering business and boost its chances of success.

Ensure you choose a niche

One of the first things you’ll need to do is figure out your catering niche. This is going to help you brand yourself and ensure you capture the right target market. For example, a particular niche that’s hot right now in the catering sector is vegan. By focusing on one particular niche, it’s going to help you draw in more clients and make your business more of a success.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box too. Is there a niche that’s currently lacking within the sector? Often, by taking risks that’s where you’ll find the biggest success.

Do you research

Before starting your catering business, you’re going to want to do as much research as possible. This includes researching the qualifications and experience you’ll need, along with information on your competitors. If you want your business to really take off, it’s going to need to offer something unique. So, look at what your competitors are doing and what your business could potentially do differently.

Sustainability is a hot focus within the catering sector right now. So, if you want to market yourself as different, ensuring you’re working with sustainable materials and produce is going to help.

Establish relationships with suppliers

You’re going to need reliable, high-quality supplies when you’ve got your business set up. This means, you’ll want to establish relationships with suppliers. There’s a lot of great catering equipment suppliers out there such as JLA. By establishing relationships with them early on, you’ll save your business potentially a lot of money.

These are just some of the steps you’ll need to take to start up a catering business. Don’t forget to look into the legalities too and funding. You’ll need a lot of equipment to get started so you will need some kind of capital to work with. There’s a lot of finance options open to start-ups so look into the different options before deciding which one is right for you.