Brandon Fusco Net Worth

Brandon Fusco Net Worth

The NFL Draft is officially over and NFL teams are making decisions for the next season. With an influx of new talent on their roster, the Atlanta Falcons are one of those teams looking to redo their lineup.

The Falcons recently made the decision to release offensive guard Brandon Fusco. Brandon spent the 2018 with Atlanta, but is now a free agent. Brandon Fusco net worth currently sits at $5 million.

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Donte Moncrief’s Net Worth

Donte Moncrief's Net Worth

The NFL free agent market is in full swing and players are in the process of signing large deals. We’ve already seen many professional athletes such as Bryce Harper sign mega contracts in recent weeks and, the trend should continue.

Donte Moncrief is a wide receiver in the NFL. A former college star at Ole Miss, the veteran wideout his currently waiting for a deal he could sign for the years to come. Donte Moncrief’s net worth currently sits at $4 million.

Donte Moncrief’s Career Statistics

Through his first five years in the NFL, Moncrief has compiled a solid list of statistics. He has caught 200 career receptions for over 2,500 yards and a total of 20 touchdowns.

Although some have commented that Donte hasn’t lived up to his potential, he’s been on the unfortunate end to a quarterback situation. He played in Indy while Andrew Luck was hurt, and last year didn’t have much luck with Blake Bortles throwing to him. He has also dealt with a few nagging injuries.

Donte’s best season in the NFL came his second year in the league. He played in all 16 games for the Colts that season. He recorded career bests in receptions and yards in a season during that year. He caught 64 balls for 733 yards to go along with 6 touchdowns on the year.

Donte Moncrief’s Career Earnings

Donte Moncrief is about to enter his sixth season in the NFL. The five year NFL veteran is currently a free agent and waiting to see where he will play for the 2019 season and beyond. Through his first five seasons in the league, Moncrief has earned just north of $13 million in career earnings.

Moncrief was the 90th overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft by the Indianapolis Colts. Upon being drafted, Donte signed a four year deal valued at $2.8 million. His first contract came with an initial signing bonus of $540,000 to help jump-start Donte Moncrief’s net worth.

For the 2018 season, Moncrief signed a one year deal with the Jaguars. He hoped to use it as leverage for securing a bigger deal down the road, which is where he is now. With the NFL free agent market still in the works for many players, Moncrief will have to be patient to see which offers come his way.

Other NFL Players’ Net Worth

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Kelvin Benjamin’s Net Worth

While some players are drafted early and show promise as a franchise player, others do not fall into the same category.  Kelvin Benjamin was drafted in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft by the Carolina Panthers.  After getting off to a quick start in his NFL career, Benjamin has regressed.

Benjamin posted his best numbers statistically during his rookie year where he recorded over 1000 yards receiving and nine touchdowns.  Kelvin Benjamin’s net worth currently sits at $5 million.

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The 2018 NFL season has been a roller coaster for Kelvin Benjamin.  After beginning the season in Buffalo with the Bills, Benjamin briefly found himself without a job.  With the majority of the season in the books, the Bills decided to let Kelvin go after what had been a disappointing season.  Not long after however, Kelvin landed a job in Kansas City with the division leading Chiefs.

Since joining the Chiefs, Benjamin has made a minimal impact.  Fortunately for the Chiefs, they are only paying Kelvin a fraction of his salary.


Although Kelvin Benjamin has totaled nearly $16 million in career earnings while playing in the NFL, his net worth outlook doesn’t look too promising.

Despite being a free agent after the completion of the season, Kelvin’s effort has been questioned many times over the past few seasons.  In fact, he has been deemed the laziest receiver in the NFL by some metrics.

If Kelvin is able to get a new deal during the offseason it likely won’t be for much.  While top NFL receivers are making nearly $20 million a season, Kelvin will be lucky to get $3 to $4 million per year.

If he is able to get a multi-year deal, it is likely that Kelvin Benjamin’s net worth could increase to $8 to $10 million in the coming seasons.


Despite the promise once seen at the beginning of his career, it looks like Kelvin won’t attain the astronomical net worth of other professional athletes.  With pay for wide receivers at an all time high, a top notch season was needed to greatly increase Kelvin Benjamin’s net worth.  That is not what is happening.


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Tyrann Mathieu’s Net Worth

For many professional athletes, their life off the field is just as important as on the field.  Bad behavior off the field can lead to suspensions, fines, and even losing one’s job.  Just look at what happened to NFL player Reuben Foster earlier this week.

Tyrann Mathieu is a player who was overshadowed by some off the field instances.  Nonetheless, he has rebounded and been able to build himself quite the career in the NFL.  Tyrann Mathieu’s net worth currently sits at $10 million.

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Mathieu was drafted in the third round of the 2013 NFL draft by the Arizona Cardinals.  Although many believed he had first round talent, character questions caused his stock to fall.

The first NFL contract Tyrann signed was for four years valued just above $3 million.  Along with this, came a signing bonus of around a quarter of a million dollars.  However, after his first three seasons as a professional, the Cardinals quickly realized their top talent was underpaid.

After the 2015 season, where Mathieu recorded a career high five interceptions, the Cardinals were looking to sign their star defensive back to a long term deal.  Before the start of the 2016 season, Mathieu and Arizona agreed to a five year deal valued at $62.5 million.  With his new contract in hand, Tyrann Mathieu’s net worth would quickly increase thanks to a signing bonus worth over $15 million.

Despite signing the large contract with Arizona, the ending was sooner than expected.  After paying most of his guaranteed money during the first two seasons, Mathieu and the Cardinals parted ways and now he finds himself on the Houston Texans squad.

The 2018 season with Houston has proved a lucrative one for Tyrann.  He signed a one year contract worth $7 million.  Along with that, came a handsome signing bonus of $4.5 million.  This season with the Texans has allowed Tyrann Mathieu’s net worth to creep into the eight figure mark.

To date, Mathieu’s on the field career earnings total just over $30 million.  His net worth would be a bit higher if it wasn’t for his intriguing collection of high-end vehicles.  Regardless, with a net worth of $10 million, Tyrann Mathieu is in a good financial position at the moment.

If Tyrann can continue to play at a high level for the remainder of the season, then he could see a nice contract come his way during the offseason as he will be up for free agency.


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Ameer Abdullah Net Worth

We are more than halfway through the 2018 NFL season.  While some teams have bowed out of playoff contention (Giants, 49ers) others are looking in great shape heading into the final half (Saints, Chiefs).  Mid-season additions to an NFL roster are nothing new for a team competing for the playoffs.  The same holds true for the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings recently picked up running back Ameer Abdullah off of free agency.  After being cut on November 6th by the Lions, Abdullah now resides in Minnesota.  Ameer Abdullah net worth currently sits at $1 million.

Image result for ameer abdullah net worth

Abdullah was drafted 54th overall in the 2015 NFL draft by the Detroit Lions.  Ameer completed his college career at the University of Nebraska with back to back rushing seasons over 1600 yards.  In his senior season he also tallied up 19 rushing touchdowns.

Upon being drafted in 2015, Ameer signed a rookie contract valued at over $4 million for four years.  Included in his initial contract was a guaranteed signing bonus of nearly $1.3 million.  While the Lions let him go before the end of his contract, Ameer was still able to tally up a sizable chunk of change.  By the end of this season, his career on the field earnings will likely top the $4 million mark.

Despite battling some injuries through his short NFL career, Abdullah has managed a couple of 500 yard rushing seasons.  Additionally, he has a total of nine offensive touchdowns during that time.

History tells us that Ameer Abdullah net worth prospects don’t look all that promising.  While many athletes are looking for larger contracts after their rookie deal, Ameer will be lucky just to find himself on an NFL roster after the season.  Running backs in the NFL are a dime a dozen and keeping your roster spot is tough stuff.

Hopefully on the bright side for Ameer, he has been diligent with his earnings and has created a budget.  And although he doesn’t meet the income restrictions to qualify for an IRA, smart investment decisions on his part can ensure that his earnings aren’t squandered.

While many of us sit back and assume the life of a professional athlete is all glitz and glamour, the reality is that it’s not.  Not everyone has the opportunity to play in the league for a long time or the chance to sign a large contract.  For those who don’t, the grind is a constant battle for their next paycheck.


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