10 Professional Services That You Can DIY to Save Money

Professional Services That You Can DIY to Save Money

When it comes to household repairs, there are certain things you should always trust to an expert. However, there are easier jobs you can learn to do for yourself. Next time you face these projects, a quick YouTube tutorial or help from a friend could save you hundreds of dollars. Here are 10 professional services that you can DIY to save money and your budget.

10 Professional Services That You Can DIY to Save Money

Household Projects

1. Take care of your own yard work.

Before we moved into our home, I had always rented. So, you can imagine my surprise to learn how much time and money it took to maintain the yard. However, you can save hundreds of dollars each month by mowing, landscaping, or cleaning up your own yard waste.

Professional service fees vary depending on where you live and the size of your lot. Mowing starts from $25-$65, and you will pay more for additional services. Unfortunately, if you are paying for these services weekly or biweekly, they can quickly add up. Although you will have to invest in lawn care equipment upfront, the savings will cover the expense in time.

2. handle simple repairs yourself.

Nowadays, you can find a tutorial for any task on YouTube. With step-by-step videos from professionals, you can learn how to tackle simple repairs and skip labor fees.

For example, there are dozens of free videos that will show you how to prepare your home for seasonal changes. You can learn how to add insulation, seal doors and windows to lower heating costs, or seal your driveway to withstand the elements.

There are also instructional videos if you want to attempt easy plumbing problems. A quick search will produce dozens of people willing to show you how to install your own hardware/faucets, fix leaky toilets, or snake the drains to remove blockages.

Even if you don’t have the equipment, renting it from a home improvement store is still cheaper than paying for professional services.

3. Do your own painting.

Over time, home decor and color schemes show their age. So, painting can breathe new life into a space. But hiring professional painters is another of these professional services that you can DIY to save money.

Professional painters usually charge $20-$50 an hour. An average room will run you a few hundred dollars. But, this figure increases to the thousands when you are painting the exterior of your home.

If you decide to paint it yourself, you will only need to cover the cost of the materials for the job. Although it will take more time, you can get it done for a fraction of the cost.

4. Cancel the Cleaning Services.

My mom ran her own cleaning business for years. And it never ceased to amaze me how much people are willing to pay for these services. While you may hate doing chores, canceling your cleaning services can save you more than $200 a month.

And if you need to cut the budget even further, you can make your own cleaning products for pennies on the dollar. Most cleaning solutions use the same, low-cost ingredients that you can get in any grocery store. Not only will it save you money, but they are also more environmentally friendly than harsh, chemical cleaners.

Vehicle Maintenance

5. Skip the car wash.

I won’t lie to you, I appreciate having a monthly membership to the local car wash, especially during the winter months. But, this is one reoccurring charge that I could eliminate to save more money each month.

During the summer, I will happily wash my own car. However, regular washes become more important in the winter months when salt and other corrosives cling to the paint. If you need to trim the budget, skip the car wash. You can do it at home for free, or head to a self-service car wash to help you save cash.

6. Learn how to do basic vehicle maintenance.

When we first started driving, my dad required all my siblings to learn basic vehicle maintenance. Thanks to him, I have saved thousands of dollars over the years by maintaining my cars and knowing how they work. It has also helped me identify issues before they developed into expensive problems.

To this day, I regularly check the fluids, tires, and air filters to ensure that my car is running at maximum efficiency. These are professional services and simple replacements that you can DIY to save a ton on the cost of labor.

Health and Beauty Services

7. Save on groceries by preparing meals at home.

This DIY service is one of the most common budgeting hacks out there. Yet, people still spend a disproportionate amount of money at restaurants or for delivery services. Sure, it’s easy. But when you have a limited budget, every cent matters.

Preparing meals at home will save you a ton of money each month. And, you can save even more on groceries if you use coupons or join a discount buying club. Not only will this improve your financial health, but it is also an opportunity to focus on your physical health as well.

8. Revamp your beauty routine at home.

Most of us can’t afford regular visits to the spa. Even when you look for services at smaller salons, you are still going to pay around $30-$50 for manicures, pedicures, and skin treatments. And if you are adding hair treatments, these prices will double.

Although these services aren’t necessities, that doesn’t mean you have to stop pampering yourself. Instead, you can learn how to do some of these treatments at home. Not only does it save hundreds of dollars, but it can extend the time between professional services.

If you decide to start doing more of your beauty routine at home, make sure you choose quality products. Or, learn how to make natural treatments that are budget friendly and still give you that same glow.

Financial Services

9. Do your own taxes.

As tax season approaches, many companies and financial institutions have already sent out their documents. Although I have kept meticulous records and collected all the necessary paperwork, I still hate filing my taxes. So, I usually hire someone to prepare them for me.

But if this isn’t in the budget, there is free tax software that can help. You can find the forms online and complete your tax return without the added fees.

10. Save on Management fees with a roboadvisor.

If you take an active role in investing, a roboadvisor could save you a decent chunk of change in management fees. Many brokerages now offer automated roboadvisors to assist you with your investment strategy, sometimes free of charge.

Robo-advisors use complicated algorithms to determine which investments best suit your goals and portfolio. Some of these are fully automated while others utilized human guidance from investment managers. Either way, it provides a lower-cost option to help you save money on service fees.

What are some professional services that you can DIY when living on a budget? Share your thoughts below!

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