Why Install A DICK’s Sporting Goods App

Dick's Sporting Goods App

During the lockdown period, it can be more difficult to do your shopping, especially when it comes to non-food goods and services. Thankfully, Dick’s Sporting Goods has come up with an innovative way to ensure that you can easily access different goods and deals that it has to offer.  Continue reading

Is That Black Friday Purchase worth it?

Black Friday Purchase

As many of us get geared up for Black Friday and the “incredible” deals the day offers we must ask ourselves: “Is this purchase something I truly need?”.

Take an investing look at a discretionary purchase you make this weekend.

For every $1.00 you spend today, you are potentially costing yourself an additional $10 in 30 years.  For example, say you were to purchase a new TV on sale for $500.  If you were to instead take that $500 and invest it in a retirement account or a brokerage account (and let the magic of compound interest take hold) it could be worth a whopping $5000 in 30 years!  This assumes that you put the money into a portfolio returning 8% annually and allows the dividends to reinvest.

So before you jump the gun on an impulse purchase this holiday season ask yourself: “Is this dollar I’m spending now really worth the ten dollars it could be in 30 years?”

The choice is yours.  Budget smart and invest wisely!