15 Thrifty DIY Home Decor Projects

Doing things with your hands can feel highly satisfying and rewarding, especially if it helps brighten your space or make things easier. A plus side is the cheaper cost, as most items are upcycled from what you already have or thrift at the store.

1. Colorful Glassware

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This is a good DIY idea if you feel like giving your dull glassware new life or have encountered some with potential at the thrift store. Plus, the vintage-colored glassware look adds more whimsy and vibrancy to your kitchen and home. The main things you would need are Mod Podge glue, food color gel, and an oven. Additional things like baking sheets, mixing bowls, disposable gloves, popsicle sticks, and paper plates can be substituted along the way.

2. Ladder Clothing Rack

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A ladder clothing rack is a fun idea if you need a terrific way to display your clothes or hang them as you walk in the door. Head to the thrift store to find any old wooden ladders, or if you have any unused ones, start by giving them a paint job. You’ll need two, one for each side of the clothes rack. Get a wooden rod and two optional wooden planks for the bottom to display your shoes. Attach them all together by bolts or nails, and voila!

3. Shutter Side Table

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Repurpose old shutters into side tables by combining four shutters and a glass or marble slab for the top. You can paint or varnish the old shutters for a newer look or leave it be for a classic, weathered look. It all depends on your tastes.

4. Wallpapered Cabinet Doors

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There are many ways to add color to your home and upcycle your cabinets and drawers. One of them is to add wallpaper to them. All you have to do is find some wallpaper of your preference, then measure and cut it out depending on the size of your furniture. Lastly, stick them on.

5. Floating Shelves

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Adding floating shelves to your home is a great way to elevate your space and display your items. Plus, they’re easy to do. All you need are wooden planks and bolts. You can repurpose any old tabletop or planks you have around. Varying sizes and colors would also add character to your home.

6. Covered Shoe Storage

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If you’re tired of seeing a messy shoe cubby, perhaps it’s time to cover it up. You can thrift some curtains or long skirts and cut them up to repurpose them as curtains for your shoe shelves. Then, you can add some decorations to the top of the shelf to make it look like a lovely entryway table.

7. Book Side Table

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This one is for those who love a quirky side table. It is slightly more complicated but worth it in the end. Thrift some thick hardcover books like encyclopedias and dictionaries, then drill a hole right through their middle the size of a dowel. Get your preferred tabletop, then secure it to a book by nailing it. For the dowel, attach it with glue and twist it into the books.

8. Pillow Pockets

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If you keep losing your remotes, perhaps adding a pocket to your couch pillows would do the trick. All you need is fabric, which can be repurposed from old clothes or jeans. You can sew or use fabric glue to attach a square of this fabric to your pillow covers.

9. Frame Accent Wall

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There’s a lot you can do with thrifted photo frames. You can buy frames of varying sizes for your wall. Just be sure to measure it out and plot out where each frame might go beforehand. From here, you can paint over your frames or leave them as they are, adding prints or pictures.

10. Making Wall Patterns

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You can save on getting wallpapers by painting your walls yourself. Grab some old sponges and cut out some patterns on them. Dip them in paint and press them into your wall. Repeat this until you’ve covered an entire wall. You can do this in varying colors and patterns to switch things up.

11. No-sew Cushions

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Grab some nice-looking fabric from the thrift store if your cushions look old. This can be curtains or skirts or any cool-looking shirts. Since this is a no-sew DIY, you only need to wrap your pillows like a present and attach some velcro for easy access.

12. Lamp Makeovers

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There are a lot of lamps in thrift stores that you can upcycle by adding a fresh coat of paint. This also works for any old and functioning lamps in your home. If you’re feeling artsy, you can even draw some patterns as you go along.

13. Egg Carton Flowers

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A great decorative option is to grab some egg cartons, acrylic paint, and floral wire for this DIY. Cut your egg carton into smaller pieces and paint them like flowers. Then, use your floral wire to form the stem. Now, you can display them in vases or glass jars.

14. Wallpaper Book Pages

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Thrift some old books and tear out the pages to paste them onto your walls. You can do this with magazine pages, too, but book pages might look cooler. There are numerous ways to do this. One includes taping them directly to the wall or using glue and adhering it to a wooden board before attaching it to the wall.

15. Decorative Pinboard

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This is a simple and helpful DIY that repurposes photo frames into pinboards. It would be best to have bulldog clips, hot glue, and paint for this DIY. Scout your thrift stores for some old photo frames and give them new life by gluing clips to them after painting. You can now clip your photos or notes.

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